Ebene Magazine – Fuji « Tokudane! » New MC Shosuke Tanihara « Healing » Bass Voice Entertainment Reporter Taikoban (January 23, 2021) –Excite News

Ebene Magazine - Fuji "Tokudane!" New MC Shosuke Tanihara "Healing" Bass Voice Entertainment Reporter Taikoban (January 23, 2021) --Excite News

Shosuke Tanihara « Tokudane! ] « Intelligent neighborhood actor » disappears after the program MC takes office !!

It has been revealed that actor Shosuke Tanihara (48) will be the MC for Fuji TV’s morning news information program « Mezamashi 8 » (Monday-Friday 8:00 am), which will start on March 29. Tanihara is the first to act as MC for an information program dealing with news …

« Tokudane! 』After the program MC Shosuke Tanihara Yumi Nagashima Anna and tag team to become a new » morning face  »

Fuji TV’s information program « Information Presenter Tokudane! » Which will end on March 26th. It was announced that a new news information program « Mezamashi 8 (Eight) » will start on the 29th of the same month (Monday-Friday 8: 00-9: …

Shosuke Tanihara « Tokudane! ] Many positive voices for the MC appointment of the successor program « Relieved because it is full of sincerity »

The morning information program « Information Presenter Tokudane! » Will end on March 26th. (Fuji TV), it was revealed that « Mezamashi 8 (Eight) », in which actor Shosuke Tanihara and Yumi Nagashima announcer of the same station act as MC, will be broadcast. …

« Kirin Kawashima VS Shosuke Tanihara » A wide show from spring that awakens with the « beautiful voice » of adults! Is it the outbreak of a « good voice » war at 8:00 am?

Two « good voice » legends will participate in the wide show from spring. Shosuke Tanihara from the actor world. « Tokudane! 』(Fuji TV system) and then act as the moderator of the program » Mezamashi 8 « . As you know, healing haiku that seems to purify the spirit with just the voice …

Shosuke Tanihara, « Tokudane » After « Tokudane » The main moderator of the program was a white feather arrow « two reasons »

On January 15th, it was reported that « Mezamashi 8 » will start as a program after « Tokudane! » (Fuji TV), which has already been announced to end on March 26th. The main MC is Shosuke Tanihara, an actor, and currently, « Mezama … » in the previous time zone.

Tomoaki Ogura, Shosuke Tanihara « Mezamashi 8 » is all behind the start! The purpose is « money » !!

Tomoaki Ogura (73) has been the MC for 22 years on Fuji TV’s morning information program « Tokudane! Will end on March 26th, and from March 29th, actor Shosuke Tanihara (48) and announcer Yumi Nagashima (29) of the same station will act as MC « …

Shosuke Tanihara « Ririko » is scary !? « It seems to be powerful … »

On the 5th, Kagome Tomato Juice Premium « Tomato Nouveau 2014 Cheers Event » was held outdoors at Shinjuku Station Square, and actor Shosuke Tanihara, who acts as « Tomato Nouveau Ambassador », appeared. It’s under the scorching sun of 33 degrees …

Can Shosuke Tanihara become Mokomichi Hayami? The light and darkness of « a talent who is good at cooking »

Shosuke Tanihara graduated from « King’s Brunch » (TBS) who served as MC for 10 years in March this year. From April, while serving as MC for the late-night cooking variety show « Shosuke Tanihara’s 25 o’clock rice » (TBS series), as the title says, cooking skills …

Shosuke Tanihara, Takeshi Tsuruno … The level of Ikumen is rising! ??

Ikumen is a hot topic right now. It’s no longer a matter of course for dads to participate in parenting. The level of Ikumen is also increasing day by day. Actor Shosuke Tanihara is one of the top-level actors in the entertainment world …

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