Ebene Magazine – Happy angel Vasily’s day: congratulations, pictures and cards ru

Ebene Magazine - Happy angel Vasily's day: congratulations, pictures and cards ru

So, on this date, believers in Ukraine honor the memory of St. Basil the Great – a saint who lived in the 4th century. OBOZREVATEL publishes congratulations and wishes, pictures, postcards and videos for the holiday.

Congratulations to you, Vasily, on the day of the angel. I wish you great achievements in life and absolute victories. The strongest forces and confident positions, the right decisions and brilliant ideas, true love and true friends.

Vasily, we congratulate you on the day of the angel and wish you inspiration, diligence, professionalism, perseverance and a creative approach to life!

Happy birthday, Vasily! be courageous and purposeful, take firm steps towards success and do not stop in front of difficulties. Be happy and cheerful!

Dear Vasily, I cordially congratulate you on the day of the angel and sincerely wish you great happiness in life and incredible miracles, good luck and fortune, love, optimism and a quick path to goals.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL talked about traditions and signs in the Old New Year: history, the most popular customs and fortune-telling.

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