Ebene Magazine – ISL 2020-21: Northeast United should win, East Bengal can make it difficult hi

Ebene Magazine - ISL 2020-21: Northeast United should win, East Bengal can make it difficult hi

English News »Sports» ISL 2020-21: Northeast United should win, East Bengal can make it difficult

SC East Bengal, playing for the first time in the ISL, may have been out of the play-off race and is playing for the battle of goodwill. Although the team itself is out, but with its win, it can spoil the work of the other teams. The SC East Bengal team will face Northeast United on Tuesday.

The East Bengal team has been disappointed by its strikers. The Kolkata team has scored just five goals in the last six matches and in these matches, its players shot just 13 shots, which is the lowest among all the teams. Now there are only two matches left and SC East Bengal assistant coach Tony Grant believes that his team will face a real test when they face Northeast United.

Northeast United have a chance to make it to the playoffs and a loss in this match could shock their chances. Since Khalid Jameel joined the team, the team is in excellent rhythm and is invincible from seven matches. This is due to the team’s attack which scored 14 goals during this period. The Northeast team would have won their next two matches to make it to the play-offs but assistant coach Alison Kharsintiev said that her team’s focus is only on the match against East Bengal.

The Highlanders have a full chance of going into the playoffs but now have to win both their matches. Team coach Tony Grant said, ‘I think the Highlanders are a fantastic team. This team started the season brilliantly. This team has a mixture of young and experienced players. This team was in the top-4 and it deserves to go up. We have to show a good game against this team and we have to be physically and mentally ready for this. ‘The Highlanders have to win their next two matches to go to the playoffs but assistant coach Allison K. Has said that his team is currently focusing only on the match with East Bengal.

Allison said, « We are focusing on the match tomorrow. We will think about the final match only after this. Our match of tomorrow is very important. We have to play well. We will also have to defend well and we will also have to play attack well. We have to create opportunities and take advantage of them. We have to give 100 percent. We cannot take this match lightly. We have to show our will power and score three points while playing non-stop for 90 minutes. ‘

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