Ebene Magazine – January 14: what day is today ru

Ebene Magazine - January 14: what day is today ru

January 14 is not rich in holidays. However, many important and significant events in the history of mankind took place on this day.

A new bus route through the Karavan shopping and entertainment center has appeared. It connects the Molodezhny railway station, 8 Marta street, the Karavan shopping and entertainment center and the Slobozhanskaya hospital. In theory, the movement of buses was supposed to start at 7:00, and end at 20:00. It was assumed that the interval between buses will be about 1 hour. Route 1 made it possible for passengers to get to work faster.

The mayor of Dnipro dismissed his deputy from performing his duties. This happened after the Security Service of Ukraine revealed the illegal activities of officials of the Dnieper mayor’s office. It was reported that the attackers embezzled 25 million hryvnia. For the duration of the proceedings, Boris Filatov dismissed his profile deputy for the humanitarian bloc Alexander Shikulenko. In addition, the mayor suggested Oksana Salogub, head of the education department, to leave the post. Read more here.

Old New Year. This is a rare historical phenomenon, an additional holiday that resulted from the change of chronology. Due to the divergence of calendars, we celebrate two « New Years » – according to the old and new styles. Thus, on the night of January 13-14, everyone can afford to « celebrate » their favorite holiday. Indeed, for many believers, the Old New Year has a special meaning, since they can celebrate it heartily only after the end of the Nativity Fast.

1969 – A fire aboard the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier in the Hawaiian Islands killed 27 people and destroyed 15 aircraft.

1824 – Vladimir Stasov (died 1906), Russian art and music critic, one of the organizers of the Association of Itinerants.

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