Ebene Magazine – Japan beat Bahrain

Ebene Magazine - Japan beat Bahrain

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Hand Japan concludes with a white star Tokyo Big harvest for the Olympics
World Hand Men, Japan Finishes in 19th Place … Victory in the final round of Bahrain
[Handball ] Men’s World Championship Day 13: Comet JAPAN defeats Bahrain national team … Decorate the final round with white stars
[Hand World Championship] Wins the comet JAPAN Bahrain, 19th place in the final ranking of the final beauty decoration
World Hand, Japan finishes in 19th place » The final round is Shiroboshi
[Handball] Comet JAPAN wins the final round against Bahrain 19th place
Japan wins Bahrain World Men’s Handball
Japan wins over Bahrain
[Hand World Championship] » I want to win and finish « Comet JAPAN Tonight’s final round [Broadcast on YouTube]
Japan finishes in 19th place, World Hand final round is White Star

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