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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – With just three games left in the regular season, the Utah Jazz are the overwhelming favorites to close with the best record in the NBA.

According to the playoff probability of basketball-reference .com, Jazz has a 97.2 percent chance of finishing with the best record in the NBA if the regular season ends on Sunday.

The likelihood of Jazz having a home advantage during the playoffs has been in the past Days with wins against the Denver Nuggets and Houston Rockets at the weekend made a big leap, combined with losses to the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors by the Phoenix Suns.

This is the probability that any top 4 team the Western Conference is expected to end with @bball_ref. pic.twitter.com/8LTS2Pth3X

The Jazz won the title in the Northwest Division by defeating the Nuggets and a top 2 entry in the West by defeating the Rockets.

The team will set the top record in the NBA heading in the postseason with any combination of two Jazz wins or Suns losses.

The Jazz have never won the best record in the NBA. The franchise has two top records in the league when it hit the Chicago Bulls 62-20 record in 1998 and the San Antonio Spurs 37-13 record during the 1999 lockout-shortened season.

Only the Sonnen can overtake Jazz in the final standings by owning the season tiebreaker 3-0.

This is the remaining schedule for the two teams that start in the last six days of the regular season.

After hosting the Portland Trail Blazers, the Jazz will end the season on the road against the Oklahoma City Thunder, who lost 22 of their last 23 games before taking on the Sacramento Kings, who will be excluded from the tournament in the final game Season.

The Suns will host the Trail Blazers in their final home game before finishing the season in San Antonio. The Spurs will likely be banned until Saturday for the 10th and final play-in tournament seed, which means they will have nothing to play for the last two days of the regular season.


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