Ebene Magazine – Jurgen Klopp: I’m happy the Premier League offside rule finally changed ru

Ebene Magazine - Jurgen Klopp: I'm happy the Premier League offside rule finally changed ru

Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp supported the change in the rule for fixing an offside position in the Premier League following a goal by Manchester City in the match against Aston Villa.

“I think Aston Villa is very happy about that. The first thought that crossed my mind was: « Why didn’t you come up with this rule earlier? » Several years ago we had a similar situation, it was in the match against Tottenham, when Lovren was hitting the ball and Kane could have scored.

So this is not the first time this has happened. Is intentional touching a correct definition? This problem appeared several years ago, and finally this rule was changed. All football people agree with this, both those who score and those who concede. I am happy that the offside rule was finally changed, « Sky Sports quotes Klopp.

In the Championship of England, the interpretation of the definition of offside position was changed after the goal of Manchester City in the match against Aston Villa (2: 0). In the episode with the first goal of City, Bernardo Silva threw the ball towards midfielder Rodri, who was behind the offside line. The ball was intercepted by Aston Villa defender Tyrone Mings, after which Rodri took the ball away from him and gave an assist to Bernard.

Now, if a situation similar to Manchester City’s goal against Aston Villa occurs in the English Premier League, an offside position will be determined.

Kirill Gorbachinsky

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