Ebene Magazine – NASA astronaut and Cal Poly alum Victor Glover inspires from space en

Ebene Magazine - NASA astronaut and Cal Poly alum Victor Glover inspires from space en

Astronaut and Cal Poly alumnus Victor Glover took the time to speak Wednesday with students and members of Cal Poly’s National Society of Black Engineers—also known as NSBE—and he did so live from the International Space Station. 

While holding a mic and floating in the International Space Station, Glover connected to Cal Poly NSBE members to provide advice and talk about life in space.

NSBE member Kaiden Stephens described it as a historical moment, being able to watch the event live with his family. 

“My grandma was just reminiscing about how when my mother was little, she got to watch the first astronaut go to the moon, » Stephens said. « Now they are sitting here in the room with me experiencing this event.”

Many of the students asked Glover for advice on how to overcome the struggles of self-doubt that may be holding them back from reaching for the stars the way he has. 

“Sometimes, you just have to keep your feet moving, and that’s it—it’s just effort, » Glover said. « It’s not being smart, it’s not being good-looking, it’s not being the funniest person in the room. It’s being the hardest working person in the room. The beautiful thing about hard work? You can control it right now.”

Cal Poly NSBE chapter also invited third grader Yaphet from Toronto to speak with Glover. While holding onto his spacecraft Lego set and wearing a NASA space suit, Yaphet had some technical space questions for Glover since he also dreams of going to space one day. 

Glover said his biggest advice would be « giving it your all in everything you do » and to never stop learning, even when you’re done with school. 

“Be a good teammate, » Glover said. « Be good to the people around you, and they will pay that back to you. That is the secret to not only achieving success, but having a good understanding of what success should be.”

Glover also encouraged Cal Poly students not be dismayed about the news they are seeing in the world right now that they may not agree with, and that change will come from them one day.

« When you look up and you see us older folks letting you down, you see young folks like you making that positive change and impact on your community, » Glover said. « So I just want you to keep doing what you’re doing, because you guys are making the world a better place.”

Glover is the first Black astronaut to live aboard the International Space Station. He is now 58 days into a six-month mission.

The deployment of Lightsail 2’s solar sails has been delayed until at least Sunday, July 21. Bruce Betts, Lightsail 2 mission program manager, said the spacecraft is stable and healthy; however, some unexpected behavior in altitude control system sensors has the mission team slowing down. “We don’t want to rush it,” Betts told KCBX News on Tuesday afternoon. “We may have to upload fixes and we want to do it in a methodical way.” KCBX News will continue to check in with the team at Cal Poly for updates.

A unique spacecraft is now orbiting the earth, and soon a team at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo will command it to unfurl super-thin stretches of Mylar, serving as sails. The craft will then glide along, propelled only by sunlight.

The Weddell seal lives in Antarctica. It’s the southern-most breeding mammal in the world and can dive to depths of 2,000 feet, staying under the water for up to 90 minutes. A team of five Cal Poly graduate students and professors recently returned from a ten-week research trip in Antarctica, studying Weddell seal pups. 

A small Burmese refugee community known as Pa Koe is nestled in the hills of Northern Thailand. It’s home to about 150 people who live in homes with no electricity, and until recently, no clean water either. A group of Cal Poly students engineered a solution. 

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