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A record 25-camera Perseverance Rover has captured the rough terrain of the red planet with different angles (NASA Mars Perseverance Rover Landing Video). Let us know that NASA’s Pervention Rover will work on Mars to make oxygen from carbon dioxide and will search for water on Mars.

New Delhi: US Space Agency NASA shared a video of the latest footage of Mars on social media. This video was recently sent from Mars by NASA’s Perseverance Rover on Mars. In this video, Perceiver Rover captured a moment of camera (NASA Mars Perseverance Rover Landing Video) landing on the red earth of Mars with the help of a parachute.

Four days earlier, on February 19, under the Mars Mission NASA, NASA’s Perseverance Rover successfully landed on Mars seven months after takeoff from Earth. Scientists from all over the world were eyeing this landing. Actually, this rover landed in Jazero Crater, the most dangerous area of ​​the Red Planet. Now the rover has sent a video of Mars in which the first high definition voices of Mars are being heard.

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A record 25 camera surveillance rover has captured the red gravel earth of Mars from different angles. A video so close to the surface of Mars has surfaced for the first time. Watching the video shows that the surface of Mars is rugged. Large pits are also visible on the surface.

Looking at this video of Mars, it looks as if there is a red desert. It appears in the video that as the rover approaches the surface of Mars, the winds being hurled from its jet cause soil to fly rapidly on the surface. This video is from when the rover is just 20 meters from the surface. As soon as they reach the surface, the eight wheels of the rover start to open and after a few seconds the rover lands on the surface of Mars.

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It is worth noting that the Perception Rover will work to make oxygen from carbon dioxide on Mars and will search for water on Mars. Along with this, we will also study the evidences of life under the ground of Mars. Apart from this, Perseverance will also study the weather and climate of Mars.

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