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By Emily Hawkins

February 27, 2021
– Last updated on
February 27, 2021 at 22:51 GMT

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Lockdown, Coronavirus, Legislation, Health and Safety, Inn, Beer

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UKHospitality (UKH) said the grants would help the sector survive for the coming months. The beer gardens are allowed to reopen from April 12th and indoor service can be resumed from May 17th.

The news comes on Wednesday, March 3rd, before Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s budget, where he has his Plans to save jobs and revitalize the economy will be set out.

Properties with a proportional value of £ 15,000 or less will receive £ 8,000 while properties between £ 15,000 and £ 51,000 will receive £ 12,000. Pubs with a pro rata value of £ 51,000 or more will receive £ 18,000.

The ARG (Additional Restrictions Grant) fund has been increased by an additional £ 425 million to help businesses that are not receiving the grants.

Kate Nicholls, UKH General Manager, said: « This announcement is great news for hotel companies struggling to see how they can survive until the Prime Minister reopens.

 » Cash is up after a year of closure and restrictions heavily depleted, and these grants are a very welcome boost that will bring the sector to a better place to restart. « 

UKH urged the government to state that the grants did not comply with EU state rules Aid is subject.

Businesses need to be paid quickly, added UKHospitality, referring to previous cases where pubs had to wait months to receive money.

Nicholls said, « It’s absolute It’s important that grant funding gets into the hands of hospitality owners as soon as possible. Companies are now crying out for cash so there can’t be any further delays that could make it too late for some. “

It is currently unclear how the new grants will be distributed, but so far through the local authorities.

More than half of the grants announced to help pubs with the second lockdown were in the not yet paid last month (January).

In addition, 46% of the surveyed operators said they have not yet received any grants to support local restrictions that were available to licensees under the Tier measures from January 2021 .

Operators have also had delays with the first amount of grants to support coronavirus under the first national lockdown in Spring 2020.

The new grants will be part of a £ 5 billion restart program which, according to The Sunday Telegraph, is also available to shops, gyms and hairdressing salons.

UKH reiterated its call to the Chancellor to announce a broader support package next week n, including an extension of the sales tax cut and vacation with business tariffs.

Chancellor Sunak announced subsidies of up to £ 9,000 for pubs at the start of England’s third lockdown, but was criticized by the trade for not going any further / p> The MA has asked the Department of Economic Affairs and Energy’s & Industry Strategy (BEIS) for more information on these grants and will update their reporting with a response.

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Related title :
Budget 2021: pubs, restaurants, shops, gyms and hairdressers hit by Covid to receive £ 5 billion grant
Pubs receive grants of up to £ 18,000
Boris Johnson News – Budget 2021: pubs, restaurants, shops, gyms and hairdressers hit by Covid receive £ 5 billion .. .

Ref: https://www.morningadvertiser.co.uk




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