Ebene Magazine – Senator Rand Paul wants Fauci to understand US relations with the Wuhan Laboratory


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The White House Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Anthony Fauci, does not speak fully about the links between the federal agency he heads and the laboratory in Wuhan, China that could have COVID-19 originated, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) Said Tuesday.

Fauci and Paul had butted heads earlier in the day during a Senate committee hearing at which Fauci vigorously denied that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) or the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) did the so-called  » Functional gain « financed. Research from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

« There’s a famous scientist in the Wuhan lab, her name is Dr. Shi [Zhengli], and she published an article a few years ago that was reviewed by MIT and says, that it is a function gain research, « said Paul. “But she has to list the sponsors on the line. She lists Dr. Fauci and NIAID as sponsors of their research, which everyone recognizes as function gain research and which boosts these superviruses. So I don’t know how to get around this. « 

Similarly, Cotton told Fox News » The Ingraham Angle « that Fauci was » deliberately evading « and » playing puns with the American people « at the hearing.

Newsweek reported last year that the NIH Funded $ 3.7 million in bat coronavirus research by Shi and others as of 2014. According to Newsweek, NIH and NIAID have allocated an additional $ 3.7 million as of 2019 for a six-year research program that includes some work to improve functionality The second phase of the research was overseen by the nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance.

« I’m not saying [coronavirus] came from the lab. I don’t know, ”Paul said to Brian Kilmeade, Fox News Primtime host. “But there is a lot of evidence that worries me about this lab, and the fact that people are not being honest, the fact that Dr. Fauci would lie and say that he didn’t give this lab any money – now maybe his answer [is] … that he gave it to a mediator who gave it to them, but if that’s his answer I would think that that’s a strange way of saying it didn’t happen when it really happened. « 

Cotton, an early proponent of the theory that the coronavirus originated in the Wuhan lab, asked host Laura Ingraham, » Isn’t it an amazing coincidence that this one-off pandemic originated in a large metropolitan area like Wuhan? a few hundred yards from these laboratories? All over the great land of China, a country the size of the United States, it came not from a rural village in the mountains near Bat Caves, but from a city larger than New York City, which happened to be these Laboratories that Tony Fauci’s agency indirectly funded. “

Paul also noted a January report in New York Magazine that an unnamed NIH deputy director attempted in April 2020 to cut funding from the EcoHealth Alliance for the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which was too violent Objections led by EcoHealth President Peter Daszak.

« If Fauci’s deputy writes a note that they will stop the money, it means that money has gone to the Wuhan Institute, » claimed Paul. “He says that no money went to the Wuhan Institute. Well then why was it stopped? I mean none of this makes sense. None of this makes any sense at all. « 

 » Tony Fauci and his agency need to provide answers to the American people about what role they may have played in funding research in these laboratories, « Cotton said.

« Perhaps it wasn’t exactly about what ultimately led to this global pandemic, but why would American tax dollars go to a communist Chinese lab that was doing some of the most dangerous research in the world in a lab we run? You know that we knew three or four years ago that there were various low, sloppy safety practices? « It was extremely inconsiderate. »

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