Ebene Magazine – Showman asks to recover 900 thousand rubles from Channel One for copyright infringement ru

Ebene Magazine - Showman asks to recover 900 thousand rubles from Channel One for copyright infringement ru

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MOSCOW, January 13 – RAPSI. The Ostankino court in Moscow will consider the claim of a showman from Kazan, Oleg Likhachev, to recover 900 thousand rubles from Channel One for copyright infringement on four musical compositions, the press service of the Bishenov and Partners law office told RAPSI.

From the materials of the case, it follows that in the KVN TV show, broadcast on the First Channel on October 23, 2016, during the performance of one of the teams, the song “Vladimir Putin is great” was played, the exclusive rights to which belong to Likhachev.

In addition, during the broadcast of the TV show « MaximMaxim » on October 1, 2016, the musical compositions « Communists of Russia », « Comrade Maxim », « Song of the candidate for deputy Oleg Likhachev » were played, the exclusive rights to which also belong to the showman. According to Likhachev, his works were used commercially to attract more attention of the audience to the television programs of Channel One, as well as for the benefit of increasing the popularity of the channel.

“A positive outcome depends on how much detail we can justify the amount that we will charge to the defendant. In addition, the court will either have to independently conclude that the phonograms of the songs reproduced by the defendant are the work of Likhachev, or appoint an appropriate examination, on the results of which the outcome of this case will largely depend, « commented on the filing of the claim in the press service of Bishenov and partners « .

At the end of December, Likhachev asked for a pre-investigation check against Yegor Bulatkin, known under the pseudonym Yegor Creed, on the fact of the illegal commercial use of his song « Vladimir Putin is great. »

Earlier, Likhachev filed a lawsuit against Alisher Valiev, performing under the stage name Morgenstern, from whom he demanded 300 thousand rubles for using a fragment of the track « Vladimir Putin is a good fellow » in TikTok.

The song « Vladimir Putin is a good fellow » was published in 2014 on Oleg Likhachev’s YouTube channel. More than 2 million people have watched the video officially. Likhachev’s authorship is confirmed by an extract from the register of the all-Russian public organization « RAO ».

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