Ebene Magazine – St. Basil’s Day: beautiful greetings and cards ru

Ebene Magazine - St. Basil's Day: beautiful greetings and cards ru

The next night, the Old New Year is celebrated, and January 14 is St. Basil’s Day, it is on this day that men with this name receive congratulations. FOLK TRUTH offers options for congratulations and cards for St. Basil’s Day. May on the day of your saint, the Angel will give strength to everything, So that life is not gray, May it give strength and faith, Victories at every step, Reach without hesitation, Happy Angel Basil’s Day, Accept congratulations !!! There are many holidays in the world. Name days are also a holiday – The sweetest of all: Gifts and cake – Everything is Vasily, everything is for you. An angel looks from heaven On your merry holiday And as if he wants to remind You that you have a saint In a name like yours. He protects you, Loves and warns you: Be loved by people and God, Do not shy away from your saint – And celebrate your name day with him every day. *** Let life give wonderful moments, Vivid emotions, good presentations And best friends, with whom it is reliable, The closest person, with whom it is calm. I wish to find my favorite business, May work be your fun. Solve your problems on « one or two », so that your head does not boil. I wish you prosperity to « caviar with butter ». Good health, health is not a game. And I wish you one more last: May it be happy for your every morning! Happy birthday to you, Vasya! May the Angel on the name day Fulfill all desires, Brings happiness every minute, Success and prosperity. Joy of life in the switch And add health, Wisdom blesses with Good and love! *** Happy Angel Day, I wish you mountains of happiness. In the wallet so that there is money, Friends of the faithful and good, Dreams, inspire the soul, And deprive of stress, Rest all year round, Equal lucky roads. May health please you, Be strong like a diamond! *** May everything in life be to you, Vasily, It is easy to manage, without effort, May happiness fills the house, All problems will dissipate into smoke May love live in your soul, God gives you health, Be strong and cheerful you Go to your dream without hindrance! Basil – the name of the royal Today at the table We will open champagne, In glasses we will pour. We will congratulate Vasily, To live like a king, To put efforts In abundance. By the way, on the night of January 13-14, Ukrainians celebrate the Old New Year, this is a great occasion to congratulate those who are dear. We published greetings and postcards for the Old New Year.

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