Ebene Magazine – Stephen Fulton took the WBO belt from Angelo Leo bg

Ebene Magazine - Stephen Fulton took the WBO belt from Angelo Leo bg

A few moments ago, an evening of professional boxing ended in Uncasville (USA), which led the fight for the WBO world title in the second bantamweight (up to 55.3 kg) between champion Angelo Leo (20-1, 9 KOs) and challenger Steven Fulton (19-0, 8 KO).

Fulton had a great front hand, throwing a speed jab and a counter left hook. And the champion closed behind the block and applied pressure. In the first round, the boxers collided heads, and Leo opened a cut above his left eye.

In the second round, Leo managed to impose an exchange of blows in infighting, where both fighters had successful moments, but the champion had a small advantage at close range.

In the third round, Fulton turned on his legs, he moved well around the ring and threw out a double and structured jab, which made it difficult for Leo to get to close range.

At the end of the fourth round, Fulton again accepted the invitation to hack to death, but this time it was he who succeeded, reaching the goal with more accurate strikes.

In the sixth round, Fulton struck several powerful uppercuts to the head. These were strong hits, but they did not embarrass the champion and he continued to bend his line.

The battle continued in the same vein. The championship rounds went to Fulton’s asset. Leo slowed down, Fulton took advantage of this and confidently took the ending of the battle, securing his advantage. The judges were unanimous in their decision: Fulton won with a score of 118-110 and twice 119-109.

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