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This auspicious year begins on the auspicious Tuesday of Uttarayana (13 January 2021) with Sisira Rudu at 1.48 am on the day of Sukila Patsa Duvidi, in the star Parani in Aries.

Rainfall is best when Venus is between the Sun and the Moon at the birth of the New Year. So the yield will be very nice.

At the same time, there is a possibility of flood damage due to storm rains. As well as nature lying in some places. Drought in some places. Heat can cause wildfires, fires, and landslides. Road accidents are likely to increase.

Lord Mars as King of the Year. Mars is a warrior, the world will continue to be restless trend, conflict trend as it signifies strength. The vain question of who is the elder, the tendency to conflict.

This year Capricorn has Lakkinam and its second place is Guru in its position to alleviate some financial crisis for the people and increase cash flow.

The corona will rise and fall as the living Karagan reigns in Saturn Lakkinam. So the fear will decrease. Blood problems and diseases can occur due to the unfavorable trend in Mars. Ear related problems can occur.

It is necessary to worship deities like Narasimhar, Kala Bhairav, Kali, Varahi and Sulini to reduce various problems and bring peace and tranquility. As well as to recite mantras for intense deities.

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