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Margaret Donnelly and Hugh O’Connell

The Taoiseach has asked An Taisce to end his objection to a planned Glanbia dairy in Kilkenny.

When Micheál Martin spoke at the Dáil today, he urged no further appeals against the project after Independent TD appealed to Tipperary Mattie McGrath’s decision by An Taisce to appeal a High Court decision rejecting his challenge to An Bord Pleanála’s decision to grant building permit for the development of a € 140 million cheese processing plant.

« Now, after an overwhelming result against them in the High Court, they have decided to appeal this decision. This is costing hundreds of jobs. Worse, suppliers in the Southeast are supplying this plant, a valuable plant … for making cheddar cheese, « said McGrath.

He calls e a debate about the funding of An Taisce, which he believes receives 2.5 million euros annually from various government agencies, claiming they would « cause a wreck in rural Ireland ».

« This project is immensely economic Significance for the region, but also for the dairy industry and for the expansion of the dairy industry.

« I would appeal that there will be no further appeals against this project now, as the courts have ruled very clearly in this regard and many, many jobs depend on it.

« There has to be a balance in terms of our behavior in society. We cannot all be absolutist to pursue our own ends to the exclusion of the well-being of others in society. And I think the balance has been overturned in society. « Scaling the wrong way around here now and it will create division. »

Tipperary TD Michael Lowry said he was « glad the Taoiseach understands the need on this matter. » to intervene through legislation.

« We have a situation here where we have annoying, false objections, deliberately obstructing and delaying Glanbia’s investments, affecting its ability to create jobs and expand, and adversely affects the farmers who supply Glanbia. I think that needs to be resolved. I think it is time for a taisce to be curbed, and that is what we have to do here by changing our planning laws. « 

In the meantime, the Green Party sparked new tensions in the coalitions by criticizing the Taoiseach’s request to An Taisce to end his objections to the Glanbia plant.

The Chairman of the Oireachtas Housing Committee, TD Steven Matthews, said, « I understand the frustration some can have with lengthy planning and judicial matters, but I am disappointed with An Taoiseach’s comments today on An Taisce.

 » A Taisce plays an important role in protecting ours natural environment as well as sustainable land use and planning. They are a mandatory planning body and must submit certain planning requests.

« It would be preferable if politicians did not judge live planning issues or the right to appeal to a court.

“In many ways, we suffer from a legacy of poor planning in this country. Inappropriate and often poorly enforced rules have let us down – promoting urban sprawl, developing in the wrong areas, and damaging our environment and heritage.

“A Taisce does extremely important work in this country to protect our natural environment and ours architectural heritage. It works closely with schools for environmental education and water protection through the Green Schools Awards. Every coastal community is happy to be awarded the Blue Flag, which is also administered by An Taisce.

“The whole country faces the common challenge of tackling climate change and reducing our CO2 emissions. This requires that all sectors, including industrial, agricultural and environmental NGOs, work closely together for a common future, and that politicians from all parties take a unified approach to this most serious challenge, ”he said.

at the beginning of this Week, ICMSA President Pat McCormack said the state was fast approaching a « think a moment » issue on allowing legal challenges to planning decisions that are already arduous in the planning process.

« Further legal appeal against The Glanbia proposal in Belview is extremely worrying and damaging in terms of the uncertainty and delay of an important project – not just for Glanbia’s suppliers, but for the entire Glanbia basin economy.

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Last Friday, An Taisce confirmed its intention to appeal the recent High Court decision rejecting its challenge to An Bord Pleanála’s decision to grant the building permit for the development of the cheese processing plant.

The proposal is a joint venture between Glanbia and the Dutch company Royal A-Ware in Belview, Co Kilkenny.

A statement from the National Trust for Ireland states: “After careful examination of the High Court’s ruling, we are Believes that it raises legal issues of vital importance which should be appealed in the public interest.

« These relate to the basic legal obligations of environmental auditing in planning matters, particularly in relation to milk processing.

« As a result of our legal role, we are forced to seek legal redress based on concerns about d it is based on a specific project, and the precedent this judgment could set in relation to other similar or comparable projects in the future. « 



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