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Mumbai: Sachin Tendulkar is a legend in world cricket. The phenomenon of Tendulkar being the pride of Indians’ privacy has not gone unnoticed by the cricketing world. Tendulkar has built a career that is less likely to be corrected by throwing the bat to the targets without giving up the presence of mind among the cheering crowd.

Tendulkar’s career was marred by injuries as India’s hopes were dashed. Tendulkar has never been out of form, but has been sidelined several times due to injury. Sachin Tendulkar has revealed that Shuhaib Akhtar’s ball hit his ribs and he played unknowingly.

‘I got a rib in 2007. I was playing against Pakistan in India. A ball in the first over by Shuhaib Akhtar hit my ribs. It was very painful. I could not sleep well for a month and a half. But as the game continued I wore my size chest brace. I played the remaining four ODIs and the Test series. Before going to Australia, I played a lot of matches with this injury, ”said Tendulkar.

After coming to Australia I played every match. Injury to the start after the series. After returning to India, he underwent a body scan. Then the doctor told me about this problem in the ribs. I didn’t ask much about that injury as there were only days to start the IPL. But I missed the first seven matches of the IPL due to injury. But the doctor pointed out that there was a possibility of a rib fracture in the future. « It bothered me for two months, » he said.

Shuhaib Akhtar is one of the best pacers in world cricket. Akhtar’s consecutive bowling over 150 was once a batsman’s nightmare. Akhtar has yet to return to the coaching role after announcing his retirement.

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