Ebene Magazine – The most common cancer myths ru

Ebene Magazine - The most common cancer myths ru

Medicine has gone far ahead in the treatment of oncological diseases; it is possible to defeat a malignant tumor even at the last stages. However, until now, the exact causes of cancer have not been established, which gives rise to a lot of fears and myths about this disease. The most common myths about cancer are in the FAN article.

Cancer is extremely dangerous, a malignant tumor can indeed be fatal. But different types of malignant tumors develop at different rates. It is not uncommon for people to live with cancer for a long time, and it does not always cause death. In addition, with early detection of cancer and proper treatment, the disease can be overcome or achieved remission.

Although the peak incidence occurs in the elderly, malignant tumors can occur at a young age and even in children. Breast or cervical cancer is becoming more common in young women.

You can’t get cancer. It is completely safe to live with a person with an oncological disease, to use only household appliances. However, some viruses and bacteria can increase the risk of developing cancer without being the causative agent of cancer.

The myth about the dangers of household radiation is quite popular. Some believe TV towers, microwave ovens, or even mobile devices can contribute to the development of malignant tumors. Far from it. Cancer does not have a specific cause; it can arise from a combination of negative factors. Radiation from a computer monitor, smartphone or microwave does not cause any harm to health.

The myth about the effectiveness of folk remedies against cancer is extremely dangerous: instead of seeking medical help, people go to healers. As a result, the patient loses precious time and only aggravates the disease, reducing the chances of a cure. It is possible to turn to traditional medicine, since for some people it can become psychological support, but at the same time it is important to continue medical procedures.

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