Ebene Magazine – TikTok user who matched up with Matthew Perry on Raya at the age of 19 speaks out


A young TikTok user who went viral for posting a private FaceTime call with Matthew Perry said she posted the video to show older men in Hollywood how  » take advantage of « .

 » A lot of people said I was a bully and mean to post this and I felt kind of bad, but at the same time I feel like a lot of men in Hollywood are talking to all these young girls and me think a lot of people should be aware of this, « user Kate Haralson told page 6 exclusively on Thursday.

Haralson, who said she was only 19 years old when she met Perry, now 51, last May. matched on the Elite app, said the « Friends » star asked to move their conversations from Raya to FaceTime almost immediately after the match.

The Los Angeles-based personal assistant, now 20, said she’s already compared herself to other celebs but never talks to older people.

« I didn’t really think about it, » added Haralson and noted that although she recognized the famous actor, the Gen Z-er « had never really seen » friends « . »

During the FaceTime call, Haralson said, Perry suggested that they ask each other questions, to get to know each other better. The TikTok video shows a short clip of them playing « 20 questions ».

Haralson said none of the questions were sexual, but she felt uncomfortable at times, especially since she said she was open about the fact that she was only 19 years old.

« I don’t think he minds, » she said. « It felt kind of weird talking to someone my father’s age, and it just didn’t feel right, especially when he knew how young I was. »

The blonde beauty claimed the actor had her once asked, « Am I your father’s old? »

« So it was weird, » she added, noting that she told the « Odd Couple » star that he was only about a year older than her Father, and she claimed the TV star « laughed ».

Haralson said her friend recorded a short clip of the couple’s FaceTime call posted on their TikTok account this week. </ P "Honestly, I never really had any intention of releasing it, but then I saw this one video and thought, 'Oh, that would be fun," she said. "I didn't expect it to explode as quickly as it did. "

Haralson said she was » inspired « by another viral video that a user named Nivine Jay shared on TikTok and who posted a personal video of Ben Affleck after they voted for Raya.

Haralson said the two women are now in contact through DM and Jay advised her to « ignore any hate comments. » « You post something and all you have to do is expect some people to be with you and others to be with you, » Haralson said. “Obviously, a lot of people will take his side since he’s a celebrity TV character, but that’s fine.” However, unlike Jay, Haralson decided to post her video within less than 24 hours of the Removing publication because she « felt a bit bad » and stated that Perry was really a « nice guy ».

The celebrity assistant added that she and Perry had never met in person – despite the actor Supposedly tried it once and told her, « Maybe one day you can take a COVID test and come over » – because she didn’t really care.

« I just did it for the joke, what sounds mean, but I wasn’t thinking anything, « she said of her decision to FaceTime. « I found it so innocent and harmless. »

Haralson concluded, « To be honest, these older men aren’t really okay with talking to young girls like that. »

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