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David Kelly

If anyone has any doubts about Tommy McCarthy’s desire to get to the top, they can always point to his right hand, which would have cut him off the chance to win the European title in October last year Cruiserweight win.

Two weeks before his clash with Bilal Laggoune for the vacant EBU belt, McCarthy winced in agony when he landed a blow on the head of Steve Collins Jr. while sparring. The logical step would have been to retire, but in the middle of a pandemic and with a great chance of breaking into the world title, McCarthy’s decision-making was all rational.

« From the moment the blow landed, knew me that it was broken. When I took off my glove it was very swollen, but these opportunities don’t come too often and I just told myself that I would fight my way through the pain. I knew I had the ability to win and I had to go. If my hand got stuck I would have fought, « said McCarthy.

 » Aside from the fact that it was a great opportunity, Christmas was coming up and I hadn’t boxed all year, so there was I was told to put the fight on hold but I didn’t say a way because I knew someone else would get the chance. I trusted my ability and when I got the win it got all the cuter.

“During the fight I was in the zone and didn’t think about it until around the ninth and tenth when I felt a little tired and then thought, ‘Oh, what about the hand?’ But that’s exactly what happens, negative thoughts can sneak in and you have to get rid of them. When I sat down before the 12th round, I just said to myself, « Do you want to win this or not? » and I went out and finished strong. I was so relieved that I got the Got victory because whenever I squeezed my hand there was this one real shooting pain. After the fight, I went to the hospital and let myself be occupied. “

After defying the pain, McCarthy makes an initial defense against Romanian Alexandru Jur. He knows he should win this fight and it’s an opportunity to do so emphatically.

One Defeat, rated highly by three of the world’s most important governing bodies, would disrupt McCarthy’s career, while even an indifferent performance could halt his urge for a world title.

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“I worked so hard in this camp to do a great job. I feel just a stone’s throw away from a world title. I just feel like everything seems to be fine with me, ”added McCarthy, who doesn’t take anything for granted despite being a clear favorite. « I’ve been saying all week I’m expecting a tough test. He has all the experience and boxed at championship level for some time. He looks good, it seems like he’s had a good bearing and wants to talk in the ring. » / p> The Belfast Telegraph App gives you quick and easy access to the latest Northern Ireland news, sports, business and opinions.

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