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The survey has been decided in the Senior Division Fast Track Court for Archaeological Survey at Kashi Vishwanath-Gyanvapi campus, the court has decided to make the center a team of 5 people from the Department of Archeology to conduct research of the entire campus.

It may be noted that the decision on the Archaeological Survey case was filed on April 2 in the Civil Judge Senior Division Fast Track Court on the application of the plaintiff temple side.

The court has given approval to the archaeological survey, it is being told that the government will spend the survey, it should be noted that there was a debate since December 2019 for conducting the archaeological survey. Ashutosh Tiwari, the judge of the Varanasi First Track Court, has given this decision.

It is being said that after this decision of the court, like Ayodhya, now the Gyanvapi mosque will be excavated and the archeology department will test the authenticity of the claim of the temple side, while the lawyers of Anjuman Intejamia Masjid and Sunni Central Waqf Board conducted archaeological surveys of the disputed structure. An objection was lodged about leaving.

* The court has clarified in its order that the super structure of the mosque should not be affected due to the survey.

* ASI should use the latest technology which includes ground penetrations radar systems and other techniques to conclude whether the structure which is a Gyanvapi mosque is a part of the structure of Kashi Vishwanath temple, after the temple came into our existence. . Whether or not structure changes were made.
* The ASI survey should be conducted by a 5 member team in the presence of a supervisor, who is an eminent person with in-depth knowledge of such surveys.

* The Muslim side will need to be fully informed about the survey activity. The practice of offering namaz inside the mosque should not be hampered.

* Surveyors have also been instructed by the court to do the activity carefully and not to disclose the results or progress of the survey to the media, other persons etc.

* No photo / profile of action, progress etc. will be allowed to anyone except ASI.

Maulana Sufiyan Nizami (spokesperson, All India Islamic Foundation) said on the Gyanvapi Masjid Kashi Vishwanath Temple case that there is a corona-like epidemic going on all over the world and we are fighting it, giving rise to a new controversy at such a time No, now that we have faced a dispute of temple and mosque in which thousands of people have lost their lives and have seen big problems, it is not right to give birth to a new controversy.

We respect the decision given by the court on those who filed the petition, but I believe that if the survey is done properly according to the court order, it should be done according to the situation today. Go and if no new controversy is born then it will be much better

It is claimed that the Enlightenment Mosque is the only Kashi Vishwanath temple. This temple has been located in Varanasi for many thousands of years. Kashi Vishwanath Temple has a special place in Hinduism. It is believed that one can get salvation by visiting this temple and taking a bath in the holy Ganges. Adi Shankara, Sant Eknath Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda, Maharishi Dayanand, Goswami Tulsidas have all come to visit this temple.

It was here that Saint Eknathji completed the great text of Varkari sect by writing Shri Eknathi Bhagwat and a great procession was taken out by Kashinareesh and Vidhatjanodhov on the elephant of that book. Goes to

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