Ebene Magazine – Wild dogs prowling for cattle, pets in Mackay


Residents are asked to watch for signs of wild dogs as the mating season begins across the Mackay region.

The season runs from around April to June each year, with mature dogs looking for a mate and younger dogs looking for a new place to set up their den.

The Mackay Regional Council has advised pet owners living between rural and urban areas to keep their yards securely fenced and either bring pets indoors or put them in a secure kennel.

Landowners are also asked to vary in allowing livestock such as goats, sheep and chickens to graze and forage with wild dogs that are watching and waiting for prime time to attack.

Wild dog signs to look out for include howling and domestic dogs that bark late at night or before dawn.

For more information, landowners can call the council on 1300 622 529 to speak to a pest control officer.


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