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Posted: 10:38 GMT, October 28, 2020 | Update: 11:14 GMT, October 28, 2020

Shane Warne responded to Marlon Samuels’ extraordinary tirade against him and Ben Stokes by suggesting that the West Indian cricketer ‘has no friends at all’

Samuels called Warne and Stokes «  b ****  » and bragged about his «  superior skin tone  » in racist Instagram posts and made a derogatory remark about the wife of Stokes, Clare

It came after the English general-purpose said he did not want two weeks of Covid-19 quarantine on his ‘worst enemy’ Samuels

Shane Warne, seen here facing Marlon Samuels in a 2013 Big Bash match, responded to the West Indies cricketer’s racist tirade against England all-rounder Ben Stokes

Former Australian spinner urged Samuels to ‘get help’ and claimed he ‘has no friends’

Samuels (right) embarked on a discriminatory and crass tirade against England’s Ben Stokes (left) and Warne on his Instagram account

Now Warne has responded to Samuels’ remarks in a Twitter post, saying, “I just got what Samuels posted to @ benstokes38 & I

‘This is a very sad situation as he obviously needs some serious help – but has no & friends at all not even his old teammates like him

‘Just because you were an ordinary cricketer – you don’t have to be an ordinary person Get help son’

Samuels and Warne also clashed on the pitch In the second edition of the Big Bash League in 2013, the pair clashed when Warne disapproved of Samuels appearing to be holding drummer David Hussey’s jersey while he was about to do a second run

Later in the contest, with Warne bowling and Samuels batting, the Aussie approached him and aggressively pulled on his shirt, shouting « do you want to catch more people? » F *** you mate ‘, which was picked up on a live TV microphone

In a rude Instagram post, Samuels described Stokes and former Australian cricketer Shane Warne as ‘b ****’

Stokes had joked that he would not wish two weeks of Covid-19 quarantine on his ‘worst enemy’ – even Samuels In response, the West Indian cricketer made derogatory remarks about Stokes and of his wife Clare

Warne taunted Samuels again by throwing the ball towards his chest while lining up for short cover, Samuels then tossing his bat in Warne’s direction in response

After his retirement, Warne moved to the comment box and criticized Samuels on several occasions

In a series of bizarre Instagram posts, Samuels, who has faced Stokes on the court several times in the past, has denounced Stokes

« No white boy can talk me out of sports and no [sic] get him back, » Samuels wrote, before calling Stokes a « bitch »

Samuels, who played for the Melbourne Renegades, threw his bat in Warne’s direction in the 2013 clash after the Australian lined up a ball that hit him in the chest

Later in the explosion, after a derogatory remark about Stokes’ wife, Samuels says: ‘It’s my fucking superior complexion that you all hate, you’

In a subsequent Instagram post, Samuels, 39, had a pop at Stokes and former Australian spinner Warne, also calling him «  b ****  » while promoting his line of perfumes «  Sextillion 7th Power  »

Samuels also posted a number of fan support messages and also a recording of a message allegedly sent to him by an English cricket coach in which advice was sought on how to avoid the ` «  Ben Stokes syndrome  » to get out early

Samuels continued his tirade against Stokes in another Instagram post, recalling how he greeted England drummers after being sacked in Grenada in 2015

He came in response to a joke from Stokes about not wishing his «  worst enemy  » Samuels two weeks in quarantine

Stokes, 29, was forced to quarantine for two weeks as a precaution against Covid-19 after traveling from New Zealand to the United Arab Emirates before joining Indian Premier League team Rajasthan Royals

Stokes told the BBC Test Match Special podcast: ‘Some English boys were asking me what it looks like and I said it wasn’t the nicest thing you ever have to do I wouldn’t wish him my worst enemy

‘I text my brother saying the same thing and my brother asked,’ wouldn’t you even do that to Marlon Samuels? ‘

Former England captain Vaughan slammed Samuels for his comments on Twitter, saying, “It’s appalling @ marlonsamuels… we’re trying to eradicate racism… !! A little joke from @ benstokes38 shouldn’t lead to this… ‘

Stokes receives a warning from referee Steve Davis after exchanging words with Samuels during the test match in Granada in 2015

Samuels greeted Stokes off the pitch after being sacked in a test match at Grenada in April 2015, with England returning the favor by applauding when Samuels was out in the same game

The duo also exchanged words during the 2016 World Twenty20 final in Kolkata after Carlos Brathwaite hit four consecutive sixes on Stokes’ deliveries in the final to guide the West Indies to victory

Samuels and Stokes exchange words as the West Indies win over England in the 2016 World Twenty20 final in Kolkata

He wrote: ‘Marlon disrespects You get this if you spent time with him on a cricket pitch

Marlon’s conduct after the West Indies won over us in this year’s World Twenty20 final showed complete disrespect for the game

‘Without removing his batting pads, Marlon walked into a press conference, sat down and put his feet on the desk Lack of manners’

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EbeneMagazine – UA – Shane Warne leans on Marlon Samuels and urges him to ‘get help’

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