EbeneMagazine – CA – TikToker Bryce Hall defends himself against allegations he fought a server who asked him not to vape


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The 21-year-old also faces criminal charges for throwing a big party amid the pandemic, but he told BuzzFeed News the story of the restaurant brawl « was very lacking in context »


Tanya chen

Posted on October 21, 2020 at 2:32 pm ET

Bryce Hall, a hugely popular TikToker with over 14 million subscribers on the platform, was caught physically battling waiters at a restaurant on Monday after an alleged dispute over his vape pen and its credit card

According to a report by TMZ, employees at a restaurant called Cinco in Los Angeles claimed a fight broke out after an employee asked the TikToker to stop hitting his steam pen Smoking and vaping are prohibited in restaurants and bars in Los Angeles

Cinco employees told TMZ that Hall and his friends were the first to make physical contact, sparking an all-out fight

Hall, however, told BuzzFeed News that the initial report « lacked a lot of context » and said tensions escalated when he claimed employees would not return his credit card so that his friends and he can leave Hall also claimed the restaurant manager ‘grabbed’ him first in an attempt to physically push him out of the establishment.

A man named Dylan Lowenstein, who witnessed the fight and had the cell phone footage that TMZ posted, told BuzzFeed News « one of the workers got hold of [ Hall] « first

While it’s still not clear what led to the fight, here’s what we do know so far

On Monday, Hall was having dinner in the restaurant terrace with a few friends, including a member of Sway House and TikToker Griffin Johnson Hall told BuzzFeed News he had a vape pen that he illegally took hits on, but said that that was not what caused the fight

« The version of the story that is described lacks a lot of context and is not who I am, » Hall said in a lengthy email.

« I vape in the outside seating area of ​​the restaurant However when the manager approached me and asked me to leave I forced him and asked for my card which was standing with my table ”, he continued « I must have asked for it well over ten times – I still don’t have the return card – and he said: ‘No, fuck the property' »

Hall alleged that the manager had grabbed him to « drag » him out of the establishment, which triggered contact from both parties, and then his friends and several restaurant workers got involved

« [The headmaster] grabbed me and tried to pull me away, so I threw up his hand and said, ‘Don’t touch me, what are you doing? « and he started grabbing me again, » said Hall « Then my friend walked in the middle of us to stop the comotion [sic] and the two started to push each other I put my hand in the middle and I tried to stop him The manager then tacked my friend to the ground and that’s when I got on top of him and put him in a head lock to try and get him to stop to fight »

Hall said that at this point other employees jumped into the fight and one of them kicked him

Witness Lowenstein confirmed BuzzFeed News Hall’s version of events, however, he said he was not sitting close enough to their table to « hear exactly what was going on »

« At first I thought they weren’t drinking, but apparently [the staff members] were telling them to leave, » Lowenstein said. He noted that he had no idea who Hall was or who Hall was. his friends, or that some of them were famous for TikTok

« One of the workers got his hands on [Hall] – that’s when one of his buddies got involved and that’s when it happened. turned into a fight, « said Lowenstein » They were all on the ground I know Bryce was kicked when he was on the ground « 

According to TMZ, anonymous sources said it was Hall who threw the first punch and that he « continued to brawl until other staff broke up »Sources also alleged that Hall » blew smoke into the face of a staff member « when asked to stop vaping

Hall denied blowing vape smoke in someone’s face that night « It’s a total fabrication, » he told BuzzFeed News

Lowenstein told BuzzFeed News he jumped into the scuffle in an attempt to « defuse » and at one point attempted to hold back the TikToker He can be seen in footage of the cell phone in the brown shirt (the person he was having dinner with was the one recording)

« The whole restaurant was screaming at Bryce and his friends I said to the guys, ‘Let’s go walk outside’ Bryce and everyone said, ‘We just want our credit card and we’ll be leaving,’ but the restaurant didn’t release their credit card We had a conversation [and] I said, « Be the bigger person and get away from this » « 

He then sent Hall a direct message on Instagram later that day, applauding him for « being the tallest man for the job »

In July, he and another famous TikToker, Blake Gray, were accused of violating COVID-19 security orders after hosting a huge birthday party for Hall

Officers noted the party drew « several hundred guests » amid the pandemic, and viral videos taken inside their home in Los Angeles showed most people were not wearing masks or social distancing

Hall and Gray face up to a year in prison and up to $ 2,000 in fines

The history of questionable behavior has made Hall a target for ridicule and angry reactions online

“Lmao bro fuck bryce hall and all the tik tok houses,” one person tweeted “As soon as Logan Paul became irrelevant Bryce Hall stepped in and replaced him with almost no deviation,” said another

People immediately started trolling comments about his latest thirst trap on TikTok with comments like « Imagine beating a server because you can’t vape »

« It’s a matter of moral clarity, not protecting my name It’s not what my mother – a single mother with nothing but love in her heart – raised me » , he said in his statement

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Bryce Hall

EbeneMagazine – CA – TikToker Bryce Hall defends himself against allegations he fought a server who asked him not to vape

SOURCE: https://www.w24news.com/news/ebenemagazine-ca-tiktoker-bryce-hall-defends-himself-against-allegations-he-fought-a-server-who-asked-him-not-to-vape/?remotepost=448394


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