EbeneMagazine – GB – GMB viewers smoke as debates on hit show Grease are ‘sexist’


The ITV program asked the question: « Is Grease sexist? » Wednesday after lead actress Olivia Newton-John swept aside claims

The ITV show asked the question, « Is Grease sexist? » Wednesday after lead actress Olivia Newton-John brushed aside claims the film was sexist in the wake of the Me Too movement

Cinema legend Didi Conn, who played Frenchie in the ’70s blockbuster, appeared on GMB alongside singer Susanne Shaw and journalist Olivia Petter

Olivia argued that the film implies that Sandy ‘has to change who she is to order to be accepted’

« The only reason she [Sandy] is making this big transformation is to please a man, » referring to the film’s finale in which Sandy matches Danny’s rock and roll style

While Didi said Sandy’s makeover was more to do with who she was becoming and ‘not so much to do with her man’

« I’ve heard it all now @GMB actually claiming a Grease is a sexist movie Stop the world I want to get off, » wrote one

« Grease is sexist because Sandy is getting a makeover to ‘please a man’ when Danny Zuko spent the whole movie trying to change ?? I don’t have enough eyes to roll #GMB », declared a third

During the debate Olivia said: « I think Grease is a fabulous movie, so much fun and I still watch it today. I think the important thing to talk about when we talk about it is that it’s a woman who starts the movie as a completely different person than the way she ends it

« The only reason she’s making this big transformation from this kind of girly girl just dressed, so to speak, in that leathery, laissez-faire, cigarette-smoking attitude is to please a guy and that’s the problem with the movie is that it’s celebrated at the end of the movie and it’s only after Sandy does that, that she becomes a socially acceptable person for Danny to this day

While Didi said: « She lets herself go and it’s not so much to have her man, it’s to be who she is 100% because she ran away from dancing because he was dancing with Cha Cha and she couldn’t face him because there was that part of her that wanted to come out « 

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EbeneMagazine – GB – GMB viewers smoke as debates on hit show Grease « is sexist »

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