EbeneMagazine – GB – Robbie Williams releases a cheerful festive song that can’t stop Christmas


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Posted Date: 08:04 GMT, November 20, 2020 | Updated: 08:37 GMT, November 20, 2020

The singer, 46, released the cheeky song that mocked fun for the past 12 months, with references to Zooms, hand sanitizers, and social distancing.

One line in Ruby’s new Christmas song says, « Santa Claus is on his sled, but he’s now two meters away, » joking about the social distancing rule..

Can’t Stop Christmas’ is a fun traditional Christmas song game with fun lyrics that reflect an unprecedented 2020 with an upbeat melody and seasonal jingle bells.

Starts Ruby’s latest track: “What a miserable year, but what a time to stay alive // ​​Unfortunately some friends have disappeared // It wasn’t like that before // It looks like we’re at war..

Follow up: “So I wonder who will decide, if we can do Auld Lang Syne // I hope I can do what I like // With this family of mine // We are out of our minds.

Another poignant line in the song says: “People will need something to believe in // After a year of being in.

New audio clip: The 46-year-old singer released the flashy song That Mocked the Fun in the past 12 months, with references to Zooms, Hand Sanitizers, and Social Distancing

When asked what Ruby would like for Christmas this year, he joked that « socks and sanitizers will do well » as all shopping has been done online because Main Street is closed.

Adamant Robbie continues: « You can’t throw off our season // It’s like you can’t take wine away // Santa Claus on a sleigh, but he’s now two meters away. ».

Sensing the mood of the nation, he adds: ‘Why oh why are we all waiting // The whole world awaits // Beyond boredom past frustration // The planet is locked into whether and mybes.

Typical cheeky chubby! Can’t Stop Christmas’ is a fun experience of a traditional Christmas song with playful lyrics reflecting an unprecedented 2020 with an upbeat melody and seasonal jingle bells..

The song is taken from the critically acclaimed album The Christmas Present – Ruby’s newest and first-ever birthday album that’s released now.

The double album features an impressive mix of original songs and special ceremonial covers featuring guest stars including Rod Stewart, Brian Adams, Jimmy Cullum and Tyson Fury.

The album awarded Robbie his No. 13 solo album No. 1 last December, which means it has reached an incredible milestone equaling Elvis Presley’s record as the solo artist with the most albums in the UK. .

The new single sees Ruby working again with old producers Jay Chambers and Richard Flack..

Overseas now! The single was taken from the critically acclaimed album The Christmas Present – Ruby’s newest and debut Christmas album ever released (pictured in May 2015)

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EbeneMagazine – GB – Robbie Williams released a delightfully festive song Can’t Stop Christmas
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