EbeneMagazine – IN – cutinite in the presidential election, « Paneer Tikka ‘wave; Find out what happened?


Paneer Tikka Kamala Harris said that in the last days of his favorite bhaksanamanenn

Isn’t there a connection between the US presidential election and the Indian dish Paneer Tika? The fact is that there is no connectionHowever, it was this paneer tikka that was discussed on Twitter in connection with the US presidential election

Paneer Tika was the subject of much discussion in a tweet by Indian American woman and Democrat leader Prameela Jayapal. Democratic vice presidential candidate, Kamala says harisineatulla Paneer Tikka was prepared Twitter adarasucakamayan Pramila

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris said yesterday that paneer tikka is her favorite food. Based says, Kamala Twitter adarasucakamayan Paneer Tikka was prepared Pramila

Compulsive, night-before-election activity: make comfort food That’s paneer tikka tonight, in honor of electing #KamalaHarris Veep tomorrow since she just said on Instagram that her favorite North Indian food is any kind of tikka! Let’s go, people! VOTE! #BidenHarris2020 pictwittercom / gqyT7BotgG

Vote rainy day, and he made the dish yesterday Pramila ticker samuhamadhyamattil requested a vote, Kamala and its citramitt Biden Democrats immediately shared a picture of Tika’s resource posted on Twitter by Pramila. But some say that Pramila is not shared with the film Paneer Tikka

Some say

Instead of Paneer, Paneer is a Malay tikkaykk citrattilullatennan Some people ask how to get greviyeate paneer tikkayakunnat Others have commented that this dish was not made by Prameela and that is why the name of the dish is not even known

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EbeneMagazine – IN – ‘Paneer Tika’ wave during presidential election heat; Find out what happened?
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