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Putin appointed ex-head of Rusnano Anatoly Chubais as the president’s special representative for relations with international organizations. So the mystery of his resignation was solved. Chubais was not punished for macro-cutting on nanotechnology (why would he suddenly), but thrown into an « important sector of the front ».

He already worked in this position once in the 90s. Then his function was to beg for loans from the « world bougieuis » for emergency patching up the leaky Russian budget. Now the task is different. Putin’s oligarchy is going to be beaten under the new American administration. Chubais should persuade evil Americans, Germans and other Swedes not to offend Russian megavors, not to impose sanctions against them, etc.. P.

Red-haired Gavroche with swollen red ears will plead with the American world gendarme: « Uncle, don’t hit him in the face! ». Putin’s calculation is that Chubais’s longstanding ties with the Western elite and the image of a « liberal » will help to pity her.

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EbeneMagazine – RU – Дяденьки, не бейте!
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Uncles, don’t hit!
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