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Approximately 12 hours later, the capsule should land on the territory of the restricted area of ​​Woomer in South Australia, where an expedition of 73 Japanese arrived in November specialists.

Asteroid Ryugu flies in an elongated orbit and crosses the paths of Earth and Mars. The asteroid is only 900 meters in diameter, and due to its « tricky » orbit, the Hayabusa-2 probe had to fly over 3 billion km before it reached a convenient position for approach..

In September 2018, the probe dropped two MINERVA vehicles onto the asteroid, which were nicknamed « jumpers », because they did not walk on the asteroid, but jumped ?? it was necessary due to weak gravity. The devices sent many photographs to Earth. In February 2018, the Hayabusa-2 probe successfully landed on an asteroid, collected its soil and took off. In April of the same year, the probe set off an explosion on an asteroid, forming an artificial crater, in the depths of which scientists hope to find fragments of soil that would allow them to study the evolution of the solar system.

Asteroid Ryugu is almost as ancient as the entire solar system, so studying its soil may shed light on the origin of the Earth and other planets, and even on the process of the origin of life.

For the mission of the Hayabusa-2 probe, we opened a Twitter account, in addition, there is a special website where it was possible to follow the life of the « jumpers » on the asteroid.

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EbeneMagazine – RU – Japanese probe dropped a capsule with the soil of the asteroid Ryugu on Earth

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