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Hockey observer Maxim Lebedev gave a forecast for the KHL regular championship match of the 2020/2021 season Vityaz – Dynamo Riga. Bet: victory of « Vityaz » in the match for 1. 33. “There is a great suspicion that in the previous round two coaching staffs at once -“ Jokerit ”and“ Vityaz ”- made strategic mistakes, relying on each other. In « Vityaz » they thought that hot Finnish guys would not break their navels ahead of the match with their principal rival from St. Petersburg. In « Jokerite » it was considered that the « knights » likewise would not be ugly, like bobby, on the eve of almost true two points from Riga. As a result, all the navels were torn, all the bobbins were mutilated, and even the main series of post-match shootouts was not enough. But « Vityaz » got at least something from this, while « Jokerit » remained with a point here, and won’t score anything from SKA. Now « Vityaz » can even hit the jackpot, which will consist in temporarily (at least) pushing the Finns out of the playoff zone. SKA will certainly do its job, but the Moscow Region team needs to knock out two points from the residents of Riga, and this is more and more difficult to do with each subsequent match, since Skudra is slowly putting his team in order. But for now « Vityaz » looks stronger than the residents of Riga. Not too much, but still. This is a plus. Minus: most likely, full recovery after the match with Jokerit will not work. This means that we have an equal game with a possible draw in regular time. And then … Vityaz has Daugavins, which, in fact, Skudra should have in Riga. But Kaspars has long been enough to bring the second point, when the first has already been earned. Therefore, he will bring one more. Vityaz will win outside of regular time and squeeze the Jokers out of the playoff zone of the Western Conference, « Lebedev said..

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EbeneMagazine – RU – Vityaz – Dynamo R: Maxim Lebedev’s forecast for the meeting KHL
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