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    Liga – Follow the Football match between Real Betis and Real Madrid live with Eurosport. This match takes place on September 26, 2020 and starts at 9:00 PM Our live coverage allows you to follow all the key moments as they go along. Will coaches Manuel Pellegrini or Zinédine Zidane come out on top in the battle? You also have the opportunity to give your say by voting on who will win between Real Betis and Real Madrid? Enjoy some pre-game reads with articles on these two teams Enjoy some pre-match readings with articles on these two football teams Face to face: view historical stats and visit our detailed Real Betis vs Real Madrid profiles Get all the latest football news: schedule, results and tables

    Real Madrid had to work for it, but they come out on top to get their La Liga title defense up and running Emerson’s expulsion helped, as did the controversial award of a handball penalty of Bartra, but Zidane can be very pleased with the character shown by his players Betis played well

    FULL TIME: Real Betis 2-3 Real Madrid

    It looks like Real Betis missed their chance here There is no sign of another scoring opportunity looming as Real Madrid watch the clock return to full time

    Real Madrid now have the ball at their feet and they are slowing things down in midfield in an attempt to secure this victory which will allow their title defense to work

    Canales have taken matters into their own hands for Real Betis as they try to find an equalizer Real Madrid are rather happy that the home side have the ball in their half of the field

    Well there is certainly still time for Real Betis to find an equalizer here They still have seven minutes down and they have a lot of attacking threats on the pitch

    Modric has made a huge difference in this Real Madrid side since arriving at the break It was a reminder of how the Croatian is still so important by his side

    Real Madrid have a male advantage here after Emerson’s sacking, but the opposing team look tired and Real Betis are not yet completely out of this situation Can they produce another chance?

    There was also an offside issue against Moyoral as he was released into the penalty area before Bartra handled the ball It was in almost every way a controversial call!

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Real Betis 2 Real Madrid 3 (83 min – pen Sergio Ramos) Panenka! Of course, it’s a Panenka! Ramos goes up to the penalty spot and makes Robles look rather silly with the chipped finish in the middle! The ex-Sevilla player scores what could be the winner against Real Betis!

    Bartra receives a yellow card for giving the penalty He looks a little puzzled by what happened there

    PENALTY KICK AT REAL MADRID! The referee decided that Bartra had manipulated the ball to prevent Mayoral from getting a shot on goal! It’s a very tough decision for the Betis defender!

    Big tackle! Carvajal and Tello go head to head, but it’s not entirely clear who hit who Tello is the one in pain on the ground, but reruns show Carvajal hasn’t contacted much

    Real Madrid have a male advantage after Emerson is sent off, but the visitors look tired They are not as dominant as you might imagine Real Betis still in this

    Carvalho curler! The space opened up for the Real Betis midfielder at 20 yards, he pulled the decent shot on goal, but Courtois saw it all the way and did the dive rescue

    Moron arrives for the last 15 minutes or so. Can he give Betis an extra advantage?

    Mayoral is back at Real Madrid after loan to Levante and Zidane gives him a chance here

    PHOTO: Carvalho has scored for Betis

    Benzema is missing three meters! It should have been Real Madrid’s third goal! Valverde played cross from the right side, but Benzema has his feet in a tangle and shoots wide

    RAMOS wide! It had to be close! The Real Madrid captain’s free kick from the edge of the area seemed to be all the way, but his shot grazed the side net as he flashed just off!

    SENT! After a lengthy VAR review, the referee showed Emerson a red card for nudging Jovic in the back while he was clear on goal! Real Betis have been reduced to 10 men

    VAR decision! The referee went to the monitor on the field to see if Emerson fouled Jovic while he was net on goal What will be the decision? Could Emerson be in trouble?

    Jovic was behind! It was the luck the Serbian was waiting for! He was played behind, his first touch was good, but Robles got out of his line to stop him from going any further

    No penalty! Officials took a look at the strip and decided Carvalho’s handball (he had slapped his hand) did not justify awarding a Real Madrid penalty

    Penalty claim! Ramos calls for a kick after an awkward clearance from Carvalho that appeared to hit Real Betis midfielder’s arm We haven’t heard from VAR yet

    The pace and flow of this game has been relentless Real Madrid have been in charge since the break, but Real Betis still carry a goal threat on the counter

    Modric made a big difference in this Real Madrid performance at the break Isco, however, was anonymous The playmaker doesn’t look quite in good shape it has to be said

    PHOTO: Valverde opened the scoring

    Fekir pulls wide! Space opened up for the Real Betis midfielder 20 yards from goal, but he sliced ​​his effort away from the target Ramos did not get close enough to him

    The dynamics of this game have changed since half-time Real Madrid are in control and look very dangerous every time they make their way into the final third

    The ball was over the line! Well, wow Reruns show Benzema’s shot did indeed cross the line after bouncing off the underside of the crossbar But was Benzema offside? Has this decision been made?

    Off the crossbar! A few centimeters from being a third goal for Real Madrid to put them forward! Benzema hit the underside of the crossbar and he bounces off the line! So close!

    So what will the rest of this match bring? Real Madrid have given themselves a platform for this second half, but they must do more to control the game as a competition

    The goal stands! The officials decided that Benzema was on the line when the pass was played in the middle of Carvajal I have to admit his knee could have been taken off!

    There’s an offside issue against Benzema here It’s a very close call and the officials are watching the tape again They’re taking their time on this one

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Real Betis 2 Real Madrid 2 (48 min – Karim Benzema) Real Madrid are back at the level of the conditions! The pass was passed to Carvajal, who played the ball to the back post and Benzema was on hand to finish up close, although the finishing touch could have come from Emerson as he tried to meet the challenge.

    The second half is underway! Real Betis have a 2-1 lead over Real Madrid in this La Liga game

    What did you think of the first half? Should Zidane make any changes to his Real Madrid side in response to the score? Can Real Betis see this? Tweet me your thoughts!

    HALF TIME: Real Betis 2-1 Real Madrid What an extremely entertaining contest it has been at Benito Villamarin Betis are heading for the break lead, but you feel Real Madrid will score again

    A change before the break for Real Madrid with Modric coming for Kroos Is it due to injury or tactics?

    BENZEMA Robles saves! The Real Madrid forward took a pass from Kroos to his chest, then swung around to get a shot, but Robles muffled the shot to keep Real Betis ahead

    Carvajal enters the referee’s book for a poorly timed challenge on the edge of the box

    Good luck for Ramos! The Real Madrid captain was at the back for a free kick, he made it to the end, but could only send his effort to the crossbar He might have done better!

    Rodriguez is reserved and that could have been a red card! Benzema was spinning behind the Real Betis defense, but was crushed by the midfielder He was lucky there!

    Well, what turnaround Real Madrid have given away the ball at far too low a price in their own half in preparation for this second Real Betis goal Will the home side continue to attack?

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Real Betis 2 (37 min – William Carvalho) Real Madrid 1 It’s two goals in two minutes! Real Betis has turned this game upside down! Fekir sent the ball to Carvalho and the Portugal international squeezed a shot past Courtois! Could the Real Madrid keeper have done better with the save?

    Real Madrid can’t pretend they didn’t get a warning Real Betis had built and built towards this goal It was just a matter of time until they created a real opening

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Real Betis 1 (35 min – Aissa Mandi) Real Madrid 1 This goal came! Canales whipped up a delivery into Real Madrid’s box after a short corner and Mandi passed Casemiro to propel a header past Courtois! There was nothing the Belgian could do to stop this! The Betis are back on level terms!

    It’s certainly a good period of pressure from Real Betis They are dictating things right now with Real Madrid pegged to their own half Can they find a goal?

    This time it’s Joaquin who has the chance to bring the ball into Real Madrid’s box, but it’s a bad delivery from the veteran and Courtois can make the simple catch

    Real Madrid have been the better of both sides in this first half, but Real Betis have managed to occupy a number of dangerous positions They just didn’t take advantage of it

    Good defense! Real Betis seemed to be in a tough spot as Benzema punched them into the box but Mandi stood up to the Frenchman and ended up winning the goal kick

    It’s a good fate for Real Betis who are looking for a goal that would put them back on a level Real Madrid have to do a bit of defense for now

    Sanabria hits more! The Real Betis man has done very well to hold back Casemiro and create the shot opportunity from 20 yards, but he hits his strike over the bar

    It’s a really interesting system from Real Madrid When they get the ball into the third attacker there are so many runners in the opponent’s penalty area Very dynamic

    You will have noticed that there are still no signs of danger for Real Madrid tonight The Belgian is battling ANOTHER injury, with even more questions about his fitness

    PHOTO: Valverde has scored Real Madrid’s first goal of the season

    Canales was behind! A good run from midfield saw him burst at the byline, he was looking for Sanabria’s run in the middle, but Varane made the intervention

    It was a good position for a cross in the area, but Mendy read Joaquin’s intention correctly and rose to the challenge of preventing the veteran Betis captain from going any further

    Fekir pulls wide! It was a good opportunity for Real Betis to find the back of the net, with Joaquin preparing Fekir for the shot, but the Frenchman sends his effort away from the far post

    After going through a bit of a Real Madrid storm for about five minutes there, Real Betis are now taking the opportunity to calm things down a bit and make passes in the middle

    Jovic didn’t see the ball much, he didn’t have a lot of chances, but the Serbian occupies the defenders and that leaves Benzema a lot of room to exploit

    Replays show Ramos’ shot actually picked up a Bartra deflection, but officials didn’t spot it Nonetheless, the Real Madrid captain should have hit the target!

    Ramos is missing a keeper! How did he miss ?! Benzema’s cross was knocked down at Ramos by Bartra, but the Real Madrid captain sends his free shot six meters from the target!

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Real Betis 0 Real Madrid 1 (14 min – Fede Valverde) The visitors took the lead and Real Madrid scored their first goal of the season! Benzema took the opportunity to put the cross in the center and Valverde was there to convert the finish in the net of Real Betis at six meters!

    Real Madrid’s season opener against Real Sociedad last weekend didn’t offer much entertainment, but this game was very interesting in the opening 15 minutes

    Courtois initially struggled at Real Madrid but has become a real leader for them over the past two seasons There is an argument to be made that he is the game’s goalkeeper in this regard. moment

    Courtois made an exceptional save on Isak last week and the Belgian made another huge save to keep his sheets clean tonight! Fantastic Guardian of Courtois

    What an economy! Huge opportunity for Sanabria to give Real Betis the advantage! Sanabria met the cross perfectly in the middle, he made his way to the ground and Courtois kind of kept him out of the net!

    Mendy drags away! Real Madrid left-back climbs high on the pitch, gets the end of a forward pass, but drags his shot away from the nearest post when he should have hit the target

    Odegaard appears to be playing in the same position as last week, as the best central forward midfielder ahead of Casemiro, Kroos and Valverde The Norwegian certainly has a chance

    It was a nice passing decision from Real Madrid and a hint of how playing Jovic alongside Benzema could give the Frenchman more time and space in front of goal

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NO! Benzema has the ball in the back of the net, finishing on a cross from Mendy in the middle, but the Frenchman was just offside when the ball was played

    So how will this Zidane selection curve ball work? Real Madrid were a bit shy against Real Sociedad last weekend is Jovic’s selection in response to that?

    The match is underway! It’s Real Betis against Real Madrid in this La Liga match!

    Alright, here we go We’re about to launch at Benito Villamarin Kick-off is just moments away

    Real Sociedad have started the season strong with wins over Real Valladolid and Alaves Can they make it three out of three?

    Real Madrid were pretty heavy in their opener against Real Sociedad last weekend. Will they be better tonight?

    How will Real Madrid’s system work with Benzema and Jovic leading the way? Will the outside side struggle to gain width without visible wingers on the pitch? It should be interesting

    Bravo is injured for Real Betis tonight The ex-Manchester City goalkeeper has had a good start to the season, but Pellegrini has confirmed he took a hit

    I’m Graham Ruthven and you can catch me on Twitter ahead of the game to let me know your thoughts. Can Real Madrid claim their first La Liga win of the season? Tweet me!

    Jovic starts! Serbian striker gets his first start for Real Madrid since January It’s unexpected from Zidane, who also picked FOUR central midfielders in the same squad!

    TEAM NEWS: Real Betis – Robles, Emerson, Mandi, Bartra, Moreno, Guido Rodríguez, William, Fekir, Joaquín, Canales, Sanabria /// Real Madrid – Courtois, Carvajal, Varane, Ramos, Mendy, Casemiro, Kroos , Valverde, Odegaard, Benzema, Jovic

    ICYMI – here are today’s Euro Papers Discussing Barcelona’s pursuit of Martinez now that Suarez is gone

    Good evening and welcome to Eurosport LIVE coverage of the La Liga game between Real Betis and Real Madrid We will bring you all the action as it happens at Benito Villamarin Kick-off is at 8:00 p.m. BST

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    Real Betis – Real Madrid

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