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French Days â ???? Real smartphone tips

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Ready to wear : weakened by the Covid-19 crisis, Camaïeu placed in receivership

#Justice : CRISIS - Textile industry hit hard by coronavirus health crisis. In financial difficulty for several months, the Covid-19 pushed Camaieu's cash into the red a little more. This ready-to-wear giant, who job 3900 employees in France, has been placed in receivership by the Lille Commercial Court.

Air France to chop its domestic network

Air France intends to reduce its offer of 40% on the French domestic network from here to 2021, according to the director general of Air France-KLM, Ben Smith. In addition to the three lines affected by the ban on flying on roads where there is a rail alternative in less than 2.5 hours, many lines operated by the regional subsidiary HOP will disappear. Some will be replaced by the low-cost Transavia. This reduction in airfoil will lead to massive job cuts. With the renewal of the looming fleet, the government's objective of reducing 50% by the end 2024 CO2 emissions from 2019 could be exceeded.