Cameroon-Assassination of Brayant Formbor : Here's why the noose tightens on Yvana Essomba


Wanted since the brutal assassination of her boyfriend, the young Vision executive 4 Yvana Essomba a été interpellée par la police à des fins d’exploitation. Selon des informations publiées par le TGV de l’info, la ravissante collaboratrice d’Amougou Belinga s’est vue retirer son téléphone portable pour les besoins de l’enquête.


" Indeed, après la mort du jeune Bryant FORMBOR, froidement assassiné le 05 juin dernier au quartier Omnisports à Yaoundé en présence de sa copine Ivanna ESSOMBA, en service à Vision4, cette dernière a été interpellée par la police pour besoin d’enquête et son téléphone retiré », précise la source. In his fall, Yvana entrainera avec elle le jeune journaliste Bruno Bidjang qui a eu le courage d’aller réclamer le téléphone portable de sa partenaire de manière insolente au commissaire. Since yesterday, il est lui aussi mis aux arrêts pour les besoins de l’enquête.


L’affaire de l’assassinat du jeune Brayant Formbor a selon plusieurs sources des ramifications avec les sextapes des personnalités à Etoudi. Cette affaire aurait également des liens avec l’arrestation et la détention au SED pendant une semaine d’Ernest Obama.


La sextape au cœur de l’affaire

The Ernest Obama case would go beyond the breach of trust against the journalist and former CEO of Vision 4. According to new revelations from journalist Remy Ngono, a sextape involving the Minister of Justice would be at the heart of the case. Ernest Obama is in possession of a video in which the minister is in a very compromising posture.


"Many personalities find themselves in the business and activate the crank. Today in Cameroon concerning great politicians and particularly Laurent Esso , some antics were filmed. And these antics led to a catastrophic situation since Ernest Obama would have used some of these videos "reveals the journalist and columnist of RFI.


Avant Remy Do It, activist N’zui Manto Yi Sep had made similar revelations. He linked the assassination of young Bryant Fombor, a sextape of authority and the arrest of Ernest Obama.


CameroonWeb offers you the full explanations of N’zui Manto Yi Sep


This is another revelation about the CEO of the Anecdote group, which has hit the headlines on the web.. Patrice Nouma comes back again with new secrets in this post that we invite you to read. Good reading!


Cameroonians do not wonder why their justice has collapsed so much. All they know is that they do not trust the justice of their country and prefer to do justice, hence the many popular justice cases on our streets and in our districts of Yaoundé and Douala..


For ten years now in Cameroon, when we talk about justice we only see the evil face of Laurent Esso the pervert. An old man who sacrificed everything for power. Between the sacrifice of children and the blood he consumes without forgetting the sodomy he practices on magistrates and young people , this guy will have dedicated his whole life to Satan.


Next to him, the one who is the visible face of this satanism is none other than Jean pierre Amougou Belinga. A notorious ill homosexual who destroys everything around him. Immersed in money laundering with several members of the government which he holds by blackmail ( phones listening ;video and audio recording etc.) and other mystical ways, the latter walk at his own pace lest he splash them.


The consequence of all this is that justice in Cameroon only exists by name. These two zozos do justice what they want . All the magistrates know it. All those who practice in Yaounde or Douala or who are in the good graces of Laurent Esso or Amougou Belinga know it.


They execute and destroy lives for fear of having to meet Amougou Belinga on their way. Among these,go and ask the most loyal of these corrupt magistrates who execute all dangerous missions like this association of criminal magistrates :







- OMBOUDA which is at FOUMBOT..etc..


We must remember these names because these people will have to be condemned in the public place when things change for having destroyed the lives of poor innocents and leaving families between sadness and desolation.


The case of the young Naïf ERNEST OBAMA is only the logical continuation of the crushing mold which will engulf this young man who did not understand despite our many arrests that he was playing with satanists . Satisfied with some benefits they offered him, he had believed that he was now struck with the seal of immunity until he found himself walking barefoot in front of his co-workers and pushed by a small policeman .


OBAMA never knew how to question the why of what happened to BAONGLA, SAPACK,EBOUTOU, XAVIER MESSE,ESSOLA SOUTH, SOSTHENE FOUDA.. And the others.. I remind you that long before,AMOUGOU BELINGA had already whipped FOGUÉ and Sosthene Medar Lipot in his building of Vision mille Collines.


This type of Belinga who made Professor JEAN EMMANUEL PONDI cry at the Tribunal and Minister GREGOIRE OWONA could never have been worried until today. There is however no shortage of files against him. He has a hundred cases in the Cameroonian jurisdictions against many Cameroonians and each magistrate refuses to hear these cases for fear of being assigned to MORA. It is known that he nevertheless ruined COMPOST and yet he taunts the whole republic.


So here is an illiterate who can barely write a letter who understood that in the regime of Paul Biya, to succeed, it is absolutely necessary to associate :


- Homosexuality,


- pernicious sects

- singing of personalities

- Theft and scams


- Satanism and circles..etc..


It’s only how you emerge..


Finally,I invite those who read this text to tell me why since Satanist Belinga destroys lives,he was never arrested by anyone. You and DCC AYOLO,by SGPR NGOH NGOH, nor any minister,no DG,no general, no colonel, no commissioner.. NO ONE CAN DARE TO TELL HIM ANYWHERE ...




More, do what , do what, we will vanquish

The devil has the watch, GOD IN TIME

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