FOOTBALL: To extend with FC Barcelona, Here is the condition of Lionel Messi at his club


    Currently, the management of FC Barcelona works for the extension of the contract of Lionel Messi (end of contract in June 2021). The sixfold Ballon d'Or would have set conditions that should be met before it initials a new lease with its training club.

    To extend, Pulga wants to know the names of the players who would be in the small papers of FC Barcelona. This information was revealed by the Spanish media Diariogol.

    According to this source, Messi allegedly imposed players on his leadership. Real Achilles heel of FC Barcelona for a few months, defense would be the priority of the Argentine star. So, he would have checked the names of Kalidou Koulibaly (Naples) it's the Skriniar (Inter Milan).

    Announced with insistence on departure, Kalidou Koulibaly could join FC Barcelona to the delight of the number 10 of FC Barcelona.

    Besides Lionel Messi, the Senegalese defender is in the sights of Manchester United, Juventus…



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    Leave a comment, your opinion matters!