Guinea : How to perform the Aid el Fitr Salat at home ?


    CONAKRY-Like most of their co-religionists in the world, the Muslim faithful of Guinea celebrate this Sunday 24 May 20 Aid El Fitr celebration marking the end of the month of Ramadan fasting.

    After a month of penance, Muslims are called this year, to perform the salat (pray) home help, without preaching because of the epidemic of Coronavirus which rages in the country. So decided the religious authorities of the country.

    "We are going to perform Ramadan this time at home with the family", announced the Secretary General of Religious Affairs. But how to perform the prayer ? Au micro d’, Elhadj Aly Jamal Bangoura provided details.

    "We do the two Rakats without a sermon. After the intention, at the first Rakat, we pronounce 7 times Allah Akbar followed by the reading of the Fatiha and the Surah 87 Al-'A'là (the Very High). If you do not master this surah, then you recite a Surah that is easy for you. The second Rakat is pronounced 6 times Allah Akbar followed by the Fatiha and the Surah 88 Al-Ghâshiyah (the enveloping) or failing this to recite another Surah whom we have mastered. We pray aloud without a sermon ”, declared the secretary general of religious affairs, who specifies that the faithful are called to pray throughout the national territory at 9 a.m..


    Eid al-Fitr, False

    World news – FR – Guinea : How to perform the Aid el Fitr Salat at home ?

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