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    Inès Loucif makes the canvas react. First for his strategies in Koh-Lanta, then it’s because of his rants. Impulsive, she doesn't mince words and ends up regretting them. Finally, it is also illustrated by more ridiculous aspects such as when it discovers the cut fruits that it has never tasted. But where Koh-Lanta fans keep amazed, when they learn that Inès has taken photos for magazines. Her past as a good model to catch up with Inès Loucif and judgments are raining. Once again, she is not going to let it go.

    AT 25 years old Inès Loucif is one of the last adventurers of Koh-Lanta, still in the race for victory. Although she didn’t really prepare physically to pass the tests, Inès Loucif prepared her mind. Its objective by participating in Koh-Lanta is to know its limits. She wants to surpass herself and go after herself, to give whatever she can give. Even if it has not yet shone in the tests, she knew how to make her place in the show and friends for life like Naoil and Moussa.

    Me, when @denisbrogniart_off announces that rice is to be won in the next episode of @ kohlantatf1 tomorrow evening 🍚 ouloulouuuu you think it will be for whom? Too many questions! who, remaining heroes, will integrate the game in your opinion? Which team will end up on the board? Les LAWAKI? The NACOMO? Ah yeah and wait, will I be able to FINALLY participate in the tests??? 🥺🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 See you tomorrow evening on @ tf1 , FULL SUPPORT thank you so much for all this huge support! 💛 #selfie #brunette #survivor #girl #adventure

    A publication shared by I N È S LOUCIF 👩🏽‍⚕️💉💊🐚☀️💃🏽 (@ineskohlanta) the 12 Mars 2020 at 12 :46 PDT

    The choices she takes in the programs have earned her criticism from Internet users over the weeks. Especially when she managed to get Sam eliminated. The violence was such on the internet that Inès was forced to file a complaint. This was the case for several candidates of the adventure this year. More than ever, Koh-Lanta unleashes the crowds.

    Active on social networks, Inès Loucif does not hesitate to reconsider the choices she has made. She does not necessarily want to justify herself but above all to make it clear to fans of the show that all is not shown. So, she may be more likely to be a tourist than is actually the case. Furthermore, she also reminds everyone that this is all a game and that taking it too seriously can become ridiculous. But the jealous of Ines have a hard skin. They are determined to show the world how much Inès has no place in Koh-Lanta. And the latest tip to spread the rumor that Inès Loucif only participated in the show to show herself. Instagram model in his spare time, she wanted to join the adventure of Koh-Lanta to be able to highlight her physique.

    more ... than 12 little days before the big adventure @ kohlantatf1 😍😍😍😍 I can't wait, I still don't realize that I did this madness, so excited to see us again with our tarzan heads wondering what it took us to come to this island from the first day 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 #kohlanta #survivor #brunette #mowgli #hatedevoirlesITV #aventure

    A publication shared by I N È S LOUCIF 👩🏽‍⚕️💉💊🐚☀️💃🏽 (@ineskohlanta) the 9 Feb. 2020 at 12 :32 PST

    And by dint of rummaging, the jealous of Inès came across photos of her. What shock the whole canvas ! But as you can imagine, Inès Loucif cannot be dismantled once again. She goes to the problem and says that she can do what she wants with her body and her image.

    Her body belongs to her and she is not accountable to anyone for the way she uses it.. For photos, for an adventure, to stand out, it ultimately only concerns her. In any case, those who were uncomfortable seeing her "showing off" in Koh-Lanta will not come back.

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