Shit 2020 – How to pray at home, your portal explains


    This year, the Korite feast will be celebrated in a particular context marked by the Coronavirus pandemic. Mosques and other gathering places being closed, the faithful are obliged to pray at home. So how to pray at home. Your portal informs you. Straight away, it should be noted that there is no major difference. The man prays with his family during Eid and he does it in the same way as the imam. More, this time without khoutba (preach). He must make two rakas, one salam for the first raka, do seven takbirates (Allahu Akbar) with the sacred takbir, that of the beginning of the prayer. That is to say Allahu Akbar six times. Then recite the Fatiha and a desired surah in the Koran. The recommended one is Surat Al Aala. Regarding the second raka, make six takbirates with the moving takbir. That means, when he says Allahu Akbar when getting up, he will then add five more standing. Which will make six takbirates. Then recite Al Fatiha and another surah he wants. More, the recommended surah this time is Al Ghashiya. The end of the prayer is usual as for the fajr : make an assalam and invocations.


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