Black magic, occult practices : "Samuel Eto’o is in it", Here are the revelations of Alexandre Song


Alexandre Song, accuses Samuel Eto’o of being one of those who use black magic to make a name for himself in the world of football, while removing the charisma of his teammates.

L’Afrique et ses mystères ! Continent profond et insondable, l’Afrique est perçue comme un monde où la réalité et l’irrationnel sont intrinsèquement liés. In other words, chaque événement, chaque geste ou fait a toujours une explication spirituelle en Afrique. A tort ou à raison. Le pouvoir magique africain joue-t-il un rôle dans le sport ?

Dans de nombreux pays du continent, les pratiques occultes sont bien ancrées au sein du football. In Cameroon, for example, les équipes affectent une part de leur budget à la « préparation psychologique des joueurs », appellation qui recouvre les services rendus par les féticheurs et sorciers.

Alexandre Song has indeed accused the former captain of the Cameroon national team, to practice black magic, to nullify the charisma of his teammates in selection. It was during an exchange published on YouTube a few weeks ago, that the midfielder makes all of these statements. Thereafter, to justify his thesis, Song recalls an event that marked all the media in the world. The midfielder was referring to a distribution of Rolex watches to all his teammates by Eto’o in 2010, on the edge of the CAN in Angola.

"In a ceremony broadcast even by Cameroonian national television, Eto’o had offered watches which he himself estimated the unit price at 35.000 Euros, or 22million CFA francs ", says Song. He goes on to say, "Everyone had praised the humanism and the great generosity of Samuel Eto’o that day".

Dix(10) years later, Alexandre Song and his interlocutor affirm that this act of Samuel Eto’o was only a practice of black magic in order to kill the charisma of his partners. Song goes further and claims that in reality these watches are worth less than 3000 Euros.

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