Market – PSG : optimism for Icardi… and it gets complicated for Cavani


    Despite an offer rejected by Inter Milan, Paris Saint-Germain is not far from an agreement for the final transfer of Mauro Icardi. On the other hand, Edinson Cavani will obviously have trouble convincing the capital's club to extend it.

    The priority of the moment for Paris Saint-Germain, is to settle a thorny case in attack. The club of the capital must complete the final transfer of Mauro Icardi (27 years), loaned with an option to purchase 70 millions of euros. An amount deemed too high in the current context, with the crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

    As mentioned in recent days, Paris SG negotiates with Inter Milan to lower Argentinian transfer fee, author the 20 goals in 30 matches in all competitions this season. While the Italian club rejected an offer from 50 M€ + 10 € M bonus, Parisian leaders are hopeful of reaching agreement.

    According to The Team, common ground can be found around 55 or 60 M€, plus bonuses. Which is not far from the recent Parisian proposal. And all the lights are green since our colleagues assure that the two clubs share this desire to finalize the transfer – Inter would like to avoid strengthening Juventus Turin, a direct competitor -, while the Argentinian wishes to stay in Paris.

    It’s also the wish of Edinson Cavani. Free in June, the center of 33 years would see himself extending his PSG adventure a little further, started in 2013. He would even be willing to accept a sharp drop in his salary. But the sports daily claims that its sports director Leonardo still hasn't offered him anything. Unlike Inter Milan.

    Indeed, the Italian club submitted a three-year contract to him ! For the time being, El Matador has not yet given an answer. He does not want to rush and wants to study all the options. Manchester United, Atletico Madrid or Newcastle are mentioned among the other possible destinations. On the side of PSG, intentions seem clear : Cavani will not be extended if Icardi is kept.

    55-60 € m for Icardi, it seems correct to you as a price ? PSG is it wrong not to extend Cavani ? Feel free to react and debate in the "Add a comment" area …

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