Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto is totally packed again and people can’t take it


    Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto is totally packed again and people can’t take it

    If you thought Trinity Bellwoods was bad yesterday, you’re going to be livid when you see photos of what it looks like on this warm Saturday.

    While Toronto has been quick to judge cities like Vancouver for flooding parks and beaches as soon as the weather turned summery, it appears we’re doing the exact same thing and flocking to popular park Trinity Bellwoods. The activity has even inspired its own Reddit thread.

    Seems like almost everyone in Toronto decided to go to Trinity Bellwoods Park today 📹camillebartul #Toronto #TrinityBellwoods

    People on social media are expressing their frustration with the crowding as it seems to be the total opposite of social distancing.

    Aside from a lack of proper physical distancing, there appear to be few masks in sight.

    Y’all wilding out here fam…can’t you hang out in your backyard or on your balcony or something?
    You piling into Trinity Bellwoods and our COVID numbers already on the rise (again)?

    I hate it here.

    Some wonder why people compelled to go outside can’t find more secluded options for enjoying the sunshine.

    I’ve seen three different people I know post on IG about being in Trinity Bellwoods today. Like why is it such a hard concept to grasp about not being in big groups??? It’s not rocket science. But it could cost you or others your life. Ridiculously selfish behaviour

    There are so many great parks in Toronto but every moron with a floppy hat and a tall can has to congregate at Trinity-Bellwoods like it’s the Fyre Festival.

    A video from a friend passing by Trinity Bellwoods about 30 minutes ago.


    Toronto: Canada’s Florida.

    Close Trinity Bellwoods. The people of Toronto have proven they can’t manage the space. Close it down.

    Some are even saying the park should just be closed as they feel this type of display makes it obvious Torontonians can’t responsibly comply with distancing rules.

    @TPSOperations Trinity Bellwoods Park is packed – sometime posted a picture from today on social media. People are not getting the message about Covid. Why are there no tickets being issued?

    Others still are wondering why tickets aren’t being issued. It’s been reported that there were an estimated 10 police officers attempting to control a crowd of 10,000.

    I can’t imagine one of my best friends a nurse, and she walks past Trinity Bellwoods to go to work. Imagine you see that on road to another hectic day of saving lives from COVID …..

    I understand that the photos of people in Trinity Bellwoods were disappointing today. It was a beautiful day & we all want to enjoy our city together, but this could be selfish & dangerous behaviour that could set us back. (1/3)

    While everyone loves a good Trinity Bellwoods hang, health officials warn we’re not out of the woods of the pandemic yet, and the more we respect the guidelines the sooner we’ll all be able to chill outside together.

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    Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto is totally packed again and people can’t take it

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