Ivorian artist DJ Arafat suffered a violent motorcycle accident on Sunday night 11 August 2019, around 23 hours at Cocody 7th tranche, one of the posh neighborhoods of Abidjan. Afrik Soir explains to you the film of the accident of the son of Tina Glamor.

    Arafat DJ had a serious traffic accident on Sunday night 11 August 2019 while he was on his big bike he loves so much. Indeed according to a witness to the scene, motorcycle of Minister Hamed Bakayoko's godson collided with car of local radio journalist.

    "I was in the front row when the friend of DJ Arafat did what is called rearing the bike. Something he managed to do. Arafat also took the bike and wanted to do the same. When he lifted the bike, ten meters later he finds himself face to face with the car of the lady who is a journalist on a radio. DJ Arafat wanted to immediately divert the bike but it was too late ", he explains.

    "After the accident, everyone left at the same time for Arafat and I went directly to see the lady. I opened the door of his car to inquire about his news. She was in a lot of pain and asked me to take her phone from her purse to call her sister », he observes.

    As soon as the accident happened, the artist and the journalist were taken care of by the emergency services who did not take too long to intervene. Note that this is not the first time that DJ Arafat has been involved in a traffic accident or is involved in an accident. The designer of “Moto moto”, title of his latest single is a speed lover, but also big motorcycles. The days of Arafat and the lady are not counted. We will come back.



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    Leave a comment, your opinion matters!