here are the 10 footballers who became wealthier on or after retirement


    Footballers earn enough money by playing in professional clubs. Barcelona superstar, Lionel Messi is the highest paid player on the planet, with 80 million dollars in wages before Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar.

    However, there are in fact some footballers who have known wealth either before putting on the crampons, either after saying goodbye to sport. There was even room for the lesser known Faiq Bolkiah, the richest footballer in the world as nephew of Sultan Brunei, owner of 20 billions of dollars. The British media Daily Football unveils the 10 players who have gotten richer since they retired from football.

    1. Michael Owen

    Ballon d'Or winner with Liverpool and number 7 de Manchester United, Owen had a fairly lucrative career. But after his career, he turned to horse racing and it made him even more profitable.

    1. Dexter Blackstock

    Blackstock has not had a glorious career. But it was his decision to invest in real estate that prepared him for post-football success. It has more than 50 houses., his current project comes to the world of pharmaceuticals where, after the investment of Michail Antonio and Henri Lansbury, he became the CEO of his own blockchain medical platform.

    1. Mia Hamm

    Although she is arguably the first female football superstar, Hamm actually got most of his money from the sport that made him famous. Having won only 100 000 $ by season, American legend has drawn the majority of its wealth from 10 millions of dollars through contracts from big companies like Pepsi, Nike et Gatorade. Hamm has continued to use her influence since she hung up her crampons. She became a member of the AS Roma board of directors in 2015 and co-owner of LAFC a year ago.

    1. Louis Saha

    Premier League striker with Manchester United and Everton, Louis Saha played for the French team. He was also smart in business. Saha's company ‘AxisStars’ allows players and brands to team up and rate their experience. The former player of 41 years old had the idea after his retirement in 2013 and although most of his clientele are footballers, he was also able to get into other sports.

    1. Asamoah Gyan

    Gyan is one of the most recognizable footballers in Ghana. He’s the best-performing player on the continent in World Cup history. He found the net at each of the tournaments in 2006, 2010 and 2014 for Ghana. A tour of wealthy clubs has certainly boosted his bank balance. The Black Star has a range of companies often prefixed with "BabyJet", in a number of areas such as: promoting boxing, the buses, airplanes, real estate, bottled water, rice and noodles, gas stations and funding for Ghanaian music stars.

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    1. Sun Jihai

    He is the first Chinese player and striker in the country in the Premier League. The hero of Manchester City founded his own company which received the support of China Media Capital, an equity company valued at more than 60 billion dollars. Barely three years after starting the business, Jihai society matters 400 million users in China, the seven largest populations in Europe combined.

    1. Robbie Fowler

    Fowler who scored 183 goals in Liverpool, is still in the game as a Brisbane Roar coach. But he made careful investments, following Owen's footsteps with a foray into horse racing alongside Steve McManaman. He has had a sport promotion company for years 1990.

    1. Ramon Vega

    Since Ramon Vega's retirement only 31 years in 2003, he went from skinny 15000 £ per week at the top at over 20 £ million, its asset management and private equity firm controls about 650 million pounds of customer funds, which prompted him to try to buy Portsmouth in 2009 and even consider running for the FIFA presidency in 2015.

    1. Thomas Gravesen

    The former Real Madrid player, Gravesen was even luckier by quitting football to become a Las Vegas high-roller. The Dane moved to Sin City after ending his career at 32 years and after making wise financial investments, it would have a value of 100 millions of pounds he could have lost half of in a single poker game. His healthy bank account meant that he lived alongside tennis legend Andre Agassi before finally returning to Denmark to work as a television specialist..

    1. Mathieu Flamini

    Former midfielder Mathieu Flamini who shone with Arsenal and AC Milan joined the biochemical industry with GF Biochemicals. Alongside his business partner Pasquale Granata, the French made his business, estimated at 28 billions of dollars, the industry leader in the production of levulinic acid, a fuel based on plant waste that can be used to create plastics.


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