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Chennai: Netizens have been sharing their thoughts on social networking sites about the release of the Charbatta Heritage movie on Amazon Prime.

Actor Surya posted this trailer on his social media page. The trailer was epic with thrilling action scenes. Fans and cinema celebrities who saw this praised the dedication of Ba Ranjith and actor Arya.

It was evident in the trailer that Arya and Ranjith had worked hard for the Charbatta Heritage film. It was also revealed in the trailer that Arya was grieving the body badly for the boxer look.

Thus the interest and anticipation for the film skyrocketed. In this case, the Sarpatta lineage film has been released on the Amazon Prime ODT site. Fans who saw the film have been sharing their thoughts on the social media page.

The Netizen, who watched the first half of the film accordingly, recorded the first half as Frenzy Max and Arya Mass.

The YouTube celebrity Prasanth Rangasamy, who saw the Sarpatta lineage film, woke up the beast inside Arya. He has posted with amazement that it will amaze audiences worldwide.

In another tweet posted by Prasanth Rangasamy, the film is half done. There are tears in my eyes .. These guys have posted that they have made Tamil cinema proud.

Another Netizen is halfway through the Sarpatta lineage film. This is unusual. Ranjith Rock … Arya Brilliant Performance .. Posted as Loving It.

The movie Sarpatta Paramparai has been hailed by many as the best boxing movie in Indian cinema. The film is also being dubbed as Pakka Theater Material.

The boxing scene between Kapilanukkam Rose in the film is recorded as Death Mass and every scene in the film is thrilling. They are also posting their opinion that Santosh Narayan’s music is a great strength for the film and that the music is on a different level.

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