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French Open 2021: Follow live score and updates from the men’s semi-finals featuring Alexander Zverev vs Stefanos Tsitsipas and Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal.

Alexander Zverev takes on Stefanos Tsitsipas in the first men’s semi-finals at French Open on Friday.

Tsitsipas gets the first point with a big ace, but relinquishes the second after hitting a backhand slice into the net. He forces Zverev wide with his serve on the third point, and Zverev can’t make the return. A good rally follows on the next point, but Tsitsipas ends it with another unforced error. 30-30. Zverev hits a shot wide. 40-30 and setpoint. Oof, Tsitsipas misses what should have been a pretty straightforward forehand. 40-40. Loose shot from Zverev. Tsitsipas has his second serve point. He converts it after an error from Zverev! Tsitsipas takes the first set in 37 minutes!

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the French Open where our focus will be on the men’s semi-finals. The order of play:

Ah, another lovely passing shot from Tsitsipas as Zverev finds himself stranded at the net again! Zverev’s a pretty big guy with a long reach, so it’s crazy how well Tsitsipas is placing these shots at the moment. Zverev plays really well to win a point, forcing Tsitsipas long and then hitting a firm smash down the middle. Unforced error from Tsitsipas, his backhand hasn’t been great today. Tsitsipas continues his assault on Zverev by sending him chasing after the ball until the German makes a mistake. Tsitsipas is controlling a lot of the rallies. Zverev wins the next point with a lovely volley. 40-30. Error from Zverev, it’s deuce. Early pressure in this third set, and Zverev must be feeling it. He hits a rocket of a first serve, and Tsitsipas just about makes the return, but he’s immediately on the backfoot and Zverev wraps up the point in two shots. Advantage Zverev, he needs to keep this up. GREAT BACKHAND WINNER FROM ZVEREV AND HE FINALLY ENDS TSITSIPAS’ WINNING RUN!

Bit of a break as the court is given a once-over by the attendants, and Zverev needs to use this time to collect his thoughts a little. Alright, we’re back and ready, and Tsitsipas picks up where he left off, winning the first point of the game with a smash. Zverev is then put off a bit by an awkward bounce, and he misses his forehand. 30-0. Tsitsipas hits a backhand long, 30-15. Tsitsipas just looks too damn good out there today. Zverev tries his best to get to a volley, but Tsitsipas is waiting for his return at the net, and he sends it right the other way. 40-30. Point for Zverev, and then Tsitsipas holds with a lovely passing forehand past Zverev at the net!

There’s a short rally on the first point, which ends when Tsitsipas’s forehand lands in the doubles alley. Zverev does the same on the next point, 15-15. Tsitsipas can’t return Zverev’s serve, 30-15. Zverev hits a lazy forehand that looks a bit mistimed, and it flies wide of the line. He seems a little off his game. He pushes Tsitsipas into a tough situation, and the Greek hits a desperate lob back at him. Zverev tries to hit it out of the sky, and puts too much into his shot, sending it wide. Set point for Tsitsipas, but he can’t convert. He tries to defend a smash from Zverev, but he can’t take enough pace off it, and it flies over Zverev’s head and long of the baseline. Deuce. Advantage Tsitsipas after an unforced error by Zverev, second set point for Tsitsipas. Ah, way too long from Zverev, he has no idea what’s going on at the moment but nothing is going his way. Tsitsipas takes the second set after winning six games in a row!

Alright, so what does Zverev have up his sleeve now? He’s in a pretty difficult spot at the moment, being a set and a break down. Tsitsipas’ first serve is on point, and Zverev can only manage to hit it out with the frame of his racket. Tsitsipas then tries a dropshot on the second, but it’s not got enough power on it, it hits the net. Tsitsipas isn’t deterred by his poor dropshot, and he attempts one again in the very next point, which is beautifully executed! Zverev scrambles to get it, but his shot is hit wide. Tsitsipas then picks up a point despite dropping his racquet during the serve! Zverev can’t take advantage of his clumsiness, he hits his return wide. Tsitsipas wraps up the hold and now Zverev will serve to stay in the second set.

Some excellent work from Tsitsipas here to claw his way back from a difficult position, and he continues his excellent work to claim the first two points in Zverev’s service with some hard work and a lot of running. 0-30. Tsitsipas hits a forehand long, 15-30. OH WELL PLAYED STEFANOS! He pushes Zverev wide and then charges toward the net before unleashing an inch-perfect volley into the empty half of the court. Two breakpoints for the Greek star! Zverev saves one of them with a crisp backhand winner down the line, he hit that one with real power! Zverev misses his first serve. The second leads to a rally, which ends with a bit of bad luck on Zverev’s part, whose shot clips the top of the net and goes out of play. Tsitsipas was down a break, and now, after winning four games in a row, he’s up one!

Quick service hold for Stefanos Tsitsipas. Lovely start to the game with both players pushed side-to-side, producing lovely angles before Tsitsipas dinks the ball to the side of Zverev at the net.

An errant game from Zverev once again. Two backhand errors and it is handing the opportunity to Tsitsipas. Still 30-30. A game earlier Zverev got the luck of the net and now he gets unlucky. The pass looked to be going in after a great rallty but it topples into the tramlines this time. Break point for Tsitsipas. Zverev slowing the pace down and Stefanos nets his forehand. Big serve from Zverev and he looks to find the sideline with the forehand but misses. His error count continues to grow. But can Stefanos capitalise? Yes he does. An error on the backhand this time and Tsitsipas has the BREAK back!

A comfortable hold for Stefanos Tsitsipas to get on the scoreboard in this set. Dropping just the one point and on to Sascha now.

Zverev starts off by serve and volleying and the approach is good but the volley is into the net. That was good height to take but not a good volley. An ace and forehand winner bring the game to 30-30 after an errant shot. Both players have won 34 points at this stage. Tsitsipas’ serve return goes wide and he is not happy. Missing quite a few today and not getting the cleanest of contacts. Now Tsitsipas puts the pressure on Zverev’s backhand to find the pass and he fails. Great serve on deuce, out wide and Tsitsipas is unable to get it back. Luck gets the game for Sascha! Backhand hits the net and trickles over.

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal clash for the 58th time on Friday on the same court where they first met 15 years ago with a place in the French Open final at stake.

It is tennis’s greatest modern rivalry between two men who have harvested 38 Grand Slam titles and 72 Masters between them.

Djokovic has spent more weeks at world number one than any other player while 13-time French Open winner Nadal has not been out of the top 10 in 16 years.

Nadal will start Friday’s semi-final as favourite, buoyed by his record of 105 wins and just two losses in his Roland Garros career.

The 35-year-old also has the edge over Djokovic on clay with a 19-7 career lead and 7-1 in Paris.

This match-up overshadows Friday’s other semi-final between Greek fifth seed Stefanos Tsitsipas and sixth-seeded Alexander Zverev of Germany.

They have met seven times but just once on clay in Madrid in 2019 when Tsitsipas triumphed.

The 22-year-old Tsitsipas is in his third successive semi-final at the Slams and took Djokovic to five sets in the last four at Roland Garros in 2020.

He arrived in Paris with clay court titles this year in Monte Carlo and Lyon and had a match point to beat Nadal in the Barcelona final.

Zverev is in his first semi-final at Roland Garros having almost fallen at the first hurdle against 152nd-ranked compatriot Oscar Otte.

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June 11, 2021 19:52:25 IST


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