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New Delhi: According to Hindu scriptures, Guru Purnima Tithi has special significance which is dedicated to Gurus. The full moon date of Ashadh month is known as Guru Purnima and this day is also celebrated as the birth anniversary of Ved Vyas. In 2021, Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga is being formed on Poornima Purnima and this date is falling on 24th July this time.

In Sanatan Dharma, the Vedas and Dharma Shastras have sung the utmost glory of the Guru. Guru bin hai na gyan i.e. knowledge cannot be attained without a guru. Guru is your guide who always helps you through his knowledge and experience. On the occasion of Guru Purnima, you can send best wishes to your master i.e. Guru through these shayari and pictures.

When all the roads are closed, Guru shows the new way,
Not only book knowledge, Guru teaches to live life

He gives new life to everyone, May he infuse new power
Whoever bows before him, his Guru will save

By showing us a new path, removes all doubts
Full of ocean of knowledge, only he is called Guru

Parents gave birth but Guru has taught the art of living
We have learned knowledge, character, values ​​and to be compassionate.

Taught lesson of peace, erasing darkness of ignorance
Guru taught us, love is a great victory over hate

Guru ji by your grace we got salvation
We have become what we are today, this is your favor
keep your love simple in life

Treating the Guru as a Paras, the disciple should always worship,
Let it become pure gold, body and mind smelling of knowledge

To whom every person gives respect, who builds heroes,
We salute such a guru, who makes a human being

What is right, what is wrong, you read this lesson
Do you explain what is a lie and what is the truth?
When you don’t understand something, you make the way easy

it burns like a lamp
brightens many lives
same way guru
does his duty

How hard do our masters teach?
Our masters teach us every knowledge
break the magic of the darkness of the world
Our masters burn the flame of knowledge
(Kaif Ahmed Siddiqui)


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