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    Joker was one of the highest-grossing and brilliant movies of 2019. With the fantastic response given to the movie by the audience and critics alike, the makers greenlit Joker 2. Here’s what we know about it.

    In addition to being a box office success, the psychological thriller managed to touch millions of hearts. Joker is based on characters from DC Comics. Joaquin Phoenix played the lead role and was simply outstanding on-screen.

    Fans have been extremely excited about the movie. Todd Phillips directed and co-produced the first part. The movie created a good origin story for the character and was a blockbuster. Donc, Joker 2 is very much likely to happen.

    Selon les rapports, the verification of Joker 2 was done and the movie is in development. Mais, the makers have several times clarified that it was supposed to be a single movie with no sequels. toutefois, talks about the sequel have been surfacing every once in a while.

    As a consequence, we can’t expect a release date until the official confirmation of Joker 2 is given. Mais, if the makers decide to make a part 2, it is expected to be out around the end of 2021.

    bien, many skilled artists have played the role to date. Mais, Joaquin was undoubtedly the best. He put so much of life into the character that we could deeply relate to him forgetting that it was all fictional.

    Par conséquent, if part 2 of the movie is ever made, Joaquin Phoenix will surely be the first choice for the lead role.

    Since the makers have not even confirmed a sequel, getting any information about it is almost impossible. toutefois, no one can stop fans from making guesses about the plot.

    Some theories suggest that Joker might find someone to team up in the sequel. This can be possible as the character has single-handedly done everything so far.

    Malheureusement, there’s neither a trailer nor a teaser available so far. Encore, the reason is the lack of certainty regarding the development of the movie. As soon as the creators make any official announcement or give out a promo, we will update you about it.

    Let’s hope that Warner Bros. and DC Films consider Joker 2 as an upcoming project looking at the love received by the first part.

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