Josh Donaldson was right to exclaim MLB scammers: Sherman


When you decide how to feel about his actions based on the team he plays for or the outcome of a pitcher / hitter confrontation, then you are doubling up on an issue that is far more problematic to our society than sticky Stuff on a baseball.

Determining your opinion based on a team (Yankees or Twins, Democrats or Republicans) in advance rather than considering the subject reveals a blind dedication to one side, not the facts. Donaldson said out loud what was said behind closed doors – the pitcher-hitter fight is distorted by the use of illegal sticky stuff and that Gerrit Cole’s spin was noticeably waning at the beginning before facing Donaldson’s twins, but was immediately after much more control put on this matter. Facts.

If you’re a Yankees fan and mad at Donaldson, here’s the question: what if DJ LeMahieu said what Donaldson did but simply quoted another suspected pitcher in place of Cole? Would you have positioned yourself with LeMahieu? If so, then this is really about lingerie (footnote to Jerry Seinfeld): Whoever is in your team’s uniform is right, regardless of the question or the facts.

That Cole won the duel against Donaldson – two strikeouts and a flyout – does not bring the pitcher to a higher moral level either. Hell, Cole got one more chance to say he didn’t cheat with sticky stuff in the Wednesday night game after the Yankees won 9-6 and refused to say it wasn’t the right forum.

But he suggested that the right forum would eventually come to explain this text message allegedly sent by him to former Angels clubhouse manager Bubba Harkins that read in January 2019, “Hey Bubba, it’s Gerrit Cole, me asked me if you could help me in this delicate situation. We won’t see each other until May but we have some street games in cold weather locations in April. The stuff I had last year eats up when it gets cold. ”

That was part of a lawsuit that was dismissed and still didn’t explain what it was about. Again, Yankee fans, imagine how you would feel if this text was from Tyler Glasnow of Tampa Bay or Hyun Jin Ryu of Toronto, for example.

So good for Donaldson that he talked about baseball Version of the Thin Blue Line. Because there shouldn’t be a line here. This is a game integrity issue. So – take a deep breath – this shouldn’t be a pitcher vs. hitter problem (more Democrats vs. Republicans, or one stubborn side vs. another). The union that tries to assert itself always says it wants to be fair. Well, manipulating a baseball is unfair.

It is certainly unfair to bats. The game’s ecosystem revolves around the hitter / pitcher showdown. And unbalancing it is detrimental to sport. Pitches were already gaining advantages as new technologies aided them in improving their pitches and taking advantage of hitter shortcomings. The gradation into stickier and stickier substances to create the friction and thus increase the spin, in order to increase the illusion on pitches, has only exaggerated the tendency towards pitchers.

When pitchers test verbal spin, their pitching spin to exonerate by saying that adding substances to the ball is a tradition passed down from generation to generation; just ignore that. Previous generations didn’t have the technology to show what sticky substances do or the courage to bring superglue for weightlifters up the hill. The jugs went from the speed limit of 5-10 mph to 50 without much regret or moral compass.

And that’s illegal, by the way. So when you hear pitchers say they want clarity, rule 6.02 (C) is pretty clear about putting foreign matter on the ball. What wasn’t is enforcement. It came too slowly, but is coming soon. Well. Because the other group hurt by the scam are the pitchers – especially those who don’t use them or those who use them for fear of falling behind who they are.

Most honest assessment one gamer I’ve seen is what Angels starter Alex Cobb told reporters in Anaheim, “It’s just like the steroid era. Everyone else has used it and if not, live ethically but you won’t have this game for very long. I’m glad the guys don’t have to be put in that position. ”

Yes, let’s hope the players don’t have to be put in either of two positions: 1) on the wrong side of a confrontation with a cheater or 2) forced to cheat or fall behind scammers. So it is better to make all of this public for attention and correction.

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