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Michael Grange explains what the Raptors are getting in Aron Baynes and what role Chris Boucher will play on the team.

In a seemingly rapid succession of events, news spread on Sunday evening that the Toronto Raptors were losing the Free Agent Center Marc Gasol and signing Aron Baynes.

After Gasol left and Serge Ibaka left for the Clippers late Saturday night, Baynes will now appear as heir to one of the cornerstones of the club over the past two seasons.

Baynes will include lean but talented Chris Boucher, who reportedly signed back to the team on Sunday night as well, and while the prospect of a Baynes and Boucher center rotation may not sound like most impressive on paper in particular is the Baynes acquisition which offers certain advantages that neither Ibaka nor Gasol could.

Age: 33Nationality: AustralianLocation: CenterHeight: Six-Feet-10 | Weight: 262 lbsFormer Team: Phoenix Suns2019-20 Statistics: PPG: 11. 5 | RPG: 5. 6 | 3P%: 35. 1

The first thing cold is the most important thing Baynes needs to point out is his contract.

Baynes reportedly signs a two-year deal worth $ 14. 3 million, which may sound like a lot of money at first, considering he never came up with good looking numbers.

His worth on the court, however, exceeds what counting statistics can tell (more on that in the next section), and more importantly, with the word that the Raptors only spend part of their mid-level exception to him and To sign the second year is a club option. This deal is essentially just a one-year deal for Baynes at a reasonable price.

This is good business for the Raptors as it offers maximum flexibility for the team’s ambitious goals for the 2021 off-season.

If Baynes lives up to expectations and there is room for the next season, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if he took his option if he were not a possible trade for anything else on which he could be a player becomes an expiring deal.

No, his game doesn’t have the great Raptors fans that Gasol fans are used to, and he’s not nearly as much an athlete as Ibaka, but that doesn’t matter because Baynes just keeps the boxes ticks off A player only Ibaka and Gasol could do together for the Raptors.

Despite getting up in old age, Baynes has continued to grow as a player, adding a fairly reliable three-point shot to his offensive repertoire last season: 35. 1 percent from the depth with four attempts per game.

This is an outdoor shot similar to the 38. 5 percent to 3. Seen 3 attempts by Ibaka last season, and even better, Baynes probably plays better defense than Ibaka.

Well, whether Baynes is the same defender as Gasol is a completely different question, but it has to be argued that his defensive influence could be similar to that of the Spaniard.

After Phoenix made its season opener last season, DeAndre Ayton was suspended for 25 games for diuretics, which resulted in Baynes being named the team’s starting center and the team in the first eleven games without a 6-5 Record helped Ayton until Baynes was forced to miss the time with an injury.

During that time span, with Baynes on the ground, the Suns were just over five points per 100 possessions better than outside, and this is mainly because he’s a skilled defender with quick feet who hedge and recover to the brim can go back in time, in which it can protect the rim thanks to its robust frame and intelligent positioning.

The midpoint isn’t one that the Raptors desperately need a ton of input to get off of. All they need out there are guys who can play a good defense, make the ball bounce back, put up strong screens, and knock the occasional three down enough to stretch the floor a bit.

Baynes can do all of this, and if he can stay healthy he should blend in with the Raptors.

Raptor’s Twitter is arguably the best and most passionate social media community in the NBA and is about to be launched into what is arguably the best and most passionate single player account in the NBA.

That report alone is likely to make Baynes a popular guy, but given how much Toronto fans love their hardworking athletes, Baynes’ popularity could skyrocket for being that kind of player too.

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LevelMagazine – CA – Person of Interest: Aron Baynes Exactly What Need raptors
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