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Ahsoka Tano appeared in Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 and some fans were puzzled by her white lightsabers. Well, for people who have watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, the change was to be expected. When Ahsoka was introduced to the audience in the early days of Star Wars animation, she had a regular Jedi-colored lightsaber for her battle. (Most of the protagonists have a blue or green blade, but there are, of course, a few notable exceptions. ) It feels like the entire franchise is in a phase of expansion as opposed to much of what was before. However, the ex-Jedi’s choice of weapons is pretty well established before it even hit Disney this year. So it came about that Ahsoka Tano got two white lightsabers.

EK Johnston’s novel Ahsoka explains the change from blue to white. The former Jedi had to go underground under Order 66. As a result, she had to tangle with Darth Vader’s inquisitors. During a battle, she took the kyber crystals from the enemy’s weapons. Sith will « bleed » their crystals with dark side energy. Some interpretations have also suggested why the blades glow red. (Or why Kylo Ren’s weapon looks so much wilder than most of the sabers in the movies. ) Ahsoka takes the opportunity to heal the crystals and realign them in power, turning them white.

It’s important to note that this distinction is a clever shortcut to indicate how the former Jedi now works outside of the Order. She is clearly focused on the light side of the force, but some of the damage in her relationship with the Jedi Order cannot be overcome. She set out to find answers that the old structure could not provide.

Former Ahsoka actor Ashley Eckstein spoke of moving around as a voice actor. She advocates that there should be more opportunities for people like her Clone Wars co-stars. (Though she’s happy to see Ahsoka in live action!)

« So I’ll say one thing: I’ve read a lot and been openly discussed about it just because I feel I have to be open to all speakers, » said Eckstein. « Voice acting is acting and some people say, ‘Well, she’s just a voice actress. « No, actually Ahsoka was my first voice-over job. I was mostly a movie and TV actress before I became Ahsoka, so I do all kinds of live action and movie and TV, but the only reason I’m bringing this up isn’t even for me. Voice acting is acting, and some of the most brilliant actors I have ever met are voice actors. I mean, Corey Burton, the voice of Count Dooku and Cad Bane, is probably one of the most brilliant actors I’ve ever seen in my life. So I’m only saying this because I think it’s important to speak for speakers. We’re all actors at the end of the day. « 

Did you enjoy live action Ahsoka in Mandalorian this week? Let us know in the comments!

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EbeneMagazine – CA – The Mandalorian: Why Ahsoka Tano explained white lightsabers

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