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The NFL already played on Wednesdays. It has never played on a Wednesday afternoon because NBC wanted to show off the Christmas tree lights at Rockefeller Center.

This NFL season is weird, and it will culminate when the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens (hopefully) start at Nov.. 40 o’clock start. m. ET. This is a nice lunch matinee for NFL fans on the west coast. The game can be streamed live on the Yahoo Sports app if you want to catch a unique football on Wednesday afternoon. Kickoff was postponed until the afternoon to record NBC’s highly rated « Christmas In Rockefeller Center » special.

We got to this point because the ravens had a COVID-19 outbreak. The Thanksgiving game had to be postponed for Sunday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday. It won’t be the first Wednesday game in NFL history. But it will only be the second since 1948, provided it stays on schedule.

The NFL has always been pretty predictable in its schedule. Most of the games take place on Sunday. Monday Night Football is a tradition that goes back to 1970. Then there were games on Thursday and Sunday evenings. The league pushes in a Saturday game or two after the college football season ends. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are usually the rest of the sports world.

This season the NFL will compete in the cycle. If the rest of the games go on as planned – that’s a big assumption – the NFL will have games on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday this season. For some, this is a dream come true. It’s a nightmare for fantasy football managers, but they will adapt.

In the modern NFL, there was only one game on a Wednesday. In 2012, the NFL moved its annual opening game of the season from Thursday to Wednesday. The NFL rarely stands aside for anything when planning games (other than Christmas tree lights), but it didn’t want to break President Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention.

That’s how the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants played an NFL game on a Wednesday. This is the only Wednesday game in the NFL in the past 72 years.

According to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Wednesday games were not uncommon from 1925 to 1940. On the other hand, the NFL then had teams like the Pottsville Maroons and Rochester Jeffersons.

The first Wednesday game in NFL history was between the Detroit Panthers and the Cleveland Bulldogs in 1925. The first night game in NFL history took place on a Wednesday between the Chicago Cardinals and Providence Steam Roller in 1929.

From 1925 to 1940, there were 38 Wednesday games in the NFL, according to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In 1948 there was another, a season opening game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Detroit Lions. This game was also notable because that night the Rams were the first NFL team to have logos on their helmets.

Then the NFL took Wednesdays off through 2012. Part of the popularity of the NFL is that casual fans don’t have to watch it seven days a week like the other major sports. You can swallow on a Sunday and try games on Thursday or Monday if you wish. Serious NFL fans wouldn’t mind games every day of the week.

« It literally stays there all day – I often forget that I’m even wearing it. « 

Despite the fact that most vaccines are safe, effective, and can prevent a wide variety of health problems – and have saved countless lives over the years – the anti-Vaxx movement is still going strong. Because of this, coupled with the fact that the COVID-19 vaccine has been developed, tested and is now almost ready for use in less than a year, there are many people who are skeptical. However, according to the FDA, CDC, WHO and a number of international health experts, the vaccine will be one of our main weapons against the highly infectious virus that is responsible for the death of over 1. 4 million people worldwide. In a new viral Twitter feed, Dr. . Onyema Ogbuagu, an infectious disease specialist at Yale Medicine and associate professor in the medical school, explains why it is absolutely critical that we believe in it and makes the biggest rumors about Pfizer’s top contender go away. « Let’s dispel some rumors, particularly as misinformation about COVID-19 can and can cost lives. Enough already! « He tweeted. Read on and don’t miss these safe signs you’ve already had with coronavirus to ensure your health and the health of others. 1 Rumor: Efficacy Results Faked Due to the craziness of the 2020 presidential election, some people are concerned that President Donald Trump falsified vaccine trial results. However, this is not the case. « The results of vaccine effectiveness are real, » said Dr. . Ogbuagu wrote. « They weren’t delayed to hurt or help politicians. 2 Rumor: The Vaccine Is Made With The Virus If you get a COVID-19 vaccine, you don’t have to worry about the virus being injected into your blood. « The Pfizer vaccine does not contain the SARS-CoV-2 virus or any part of it! » Ogbuagu made it clear. RELATED: COVID symptoms usually appear in this order. Study found 3 rumors: The vaccine changes your DNA, according to Dr. . Ogbuagu, there is « no nefarious or sinister scheme for injecting an identification code into people. « He continued, » The mRNA vaccine is not integrated into the recipient’s genome. 4 Rumor: The vaccine is made with fetal tissue « The mRNA vaccine does not use fetal tissue, » confirms Ogbuagu. 5 Rumor: The Medical World is in Conspiracy. . CDC’s Anthony Fauci is part of a large vaccine-related conspiracy. « No! . . . Researchers like me are not part of conspiracies, « he confirms. RELATED: 7 Side Effects of Wearing a Face Mask 6 Truth: The Vaccine Saves Lives « We just want to use science to improve patient outcomes, and better still, to prevent disease, » Ogbuagu continued. « We can only work our way out of this pandemic through effective vaccines, especially because it is difficult to achieve optimal mask wear and physical distancing to end the pandemic. « . 7 Truth: Vaccines Are Effective Ogbuagu points out that previous vaccines have profoundly changed world health. « Think about how vaccines either make deadly diseases go away (smallpox) or make them relatively rare (like measles), » he wrote. « When the ‘COVID’ vaccine becomes available, let’s roll up our sleeves and finish this thing! » Until then, « if you pay really good attention to public health policies, I think we can prevent the acceleration of this surge that we are seeing, » says infectious disease expert Dr. . Anthony Fauci. So do things like « wearing uniform masks, keeping your distance, avoiding crowds in gatherings, especially indoors, frequent hand washing, » and miss out on these 35 places you are most likely to catch for the healthiest way through this pandemic, COVID.

And why she thinks the « pump and a pill » approach is key to youthful looking skin.

A third of British children do not see themselves in books. According to a poll of 60. 000 young readers, 33% feel unrepresented, and the picture is even worse for poorer and ethnic minorities.

JVN’s 16 years of pet parenting taught them so much, and they share it with Women’s Day.

Hard-working new mom Katie Lee Biegel serves up a breakfast that adds something nice but simple to her day: the Garden Burger Twist.

A prequel to The Great Gatsby centering on the legendary narrator reminds us that a true New York story can begin anywhere.

With the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, Dr. . Anthony Fauci, who predicts « one spike above a spike » – as COVID-19 cases increase at an alarming rate – it goes without saying that governors and local officials are considering « drastic » mitigation measures to stop the spread. What are the chances that we will have more home orders? Fauci spoke to NBC 4 New York’s David Ushery about the coronavirus threat and the possibility of a lockdown. Read on to hear his concerns and to help ensure your health and the health of others. Don’t miss out on these safe signs you’ve already had with coronavirus. DR. Fauci said lockdowns can occur if hospitals overflow. As in the rest of the country, cases in New York are on the rise, leading Ushery to ask if there might be another stay-at-home order. « It’s very difficult to predict, » said Fauci. « I know that all of us in the health sector – and people who are in the public health group – feel when we are doing the really common things that we constantly recommend – wearing uniform masks, keeping physical distances, that Avoid crowds and gathering environments, including and especially indoors (and if so, always wear a mask), do things outdoors, preferably indoors, and wash your hands frequently – so that you don’t have to resort to home orders or Lock]. « DR. Fauci continued: « We know that these states and these cities and even some of the countries, especially our European colleagues, if they adhere to these public health measures, they can definitely see that they have a positive effect on the flattening of the population Affect curves. « of surges and even prevention of surges. « Ushery indicated that certain recommendations will be ignored without a mandate or order. After all, millions of Americans traveled for Thanksgiving, even if they were warned not to. How can you stop them from doing the same thing this holiday season? Your behavior can lead to a ban – ironic, as many travelers do not want a ban. « I think realistically that we have to keep appealing to people to tell them we may have an increase superimposed on an increase, » said Fauci. « When that happens, they will essentially be imposing themselves. In various places, serious consideration is given to blocking …. DR. Fauci said it’s not about stealing someone’s rights, it’s about saving lives – some hospitals are overflowing with sick people. « When you’re dangerously close to overflowing the healthcare system, when you run out of ICU beds, when you’re short on staff, sometimes you need to . . . turn to more draconian things like locking. So I can’t say that this will be across the country or even where it could happen. But I think there will be some places that seriously consider that things are not getting better. We absolutely want to avoid this as people suffer from COVID-19 fatigue and you don’t want to put more pressure on it. RELATED: COVID symptoms typically appear in this order. Study results show how to stay alive during the pandemicDr. Fauci said the same thing to Colorado Governor Jared Polis earlier in the day. « It might come to lock, » he admitted. « I think if you start to overrun your hospitals and health systems, I can assure you that serious consideration will be given to the lockdown. « The only way to prevent the economy from closing is to follow Fauci basics, » he told Polis. « What I’ve been saying for weeks and weeks, if not months, is that if you consistently do the four or five things we’re talking about – the masks, the distance, the avoiding the crowds, you don’t have to resort to it. the problems indoors where you want to wear a mask and want to do more outdoors than indoors, « he explained. So, follow Fauci Basics: wear a face mask, social distancing, avoid large crowds, don’t go indoors with people you cannot protect, practice good hand hygiene and protect your life and the lives of others and don’t do this visit any of these 35 places that are most likely to catch COVID.

With rising coronavirus cases – and the nation’s leading expert on infectious diseases, Dr. . Anthony Fauci predicts « a wave upon a wave » – ​​you may be wondering where it is safe to go and which places to avoid. Speaking to NBC 4 New York’s David Ushery about the coronavirus threat and the possibility of lockdown, Fauci, as he has done over the past week, called for some places in particular to be closed due to the danger zones. Read on to hear his concerns and to help ensure your health and the health of others. Don’t miss out on these safe signs you’ve already had with coronavirus. DR. Fauci said we should close the bars – but support PeopleUshery, asked Dr. . Fauci on reopening schools, a topic that Dr. . Fauci has often equated with bars. « The fact is, we should do everything we can to have a standard position that the kids either go back to school or stay in school, » said Fauci. « We know that the level of communicability among children is significantly lower than expected. The best way to protect children and keep them in school is to reduce communal penetration at the community level. And we often say, you know, close the bars and keep the schools open. And if you close the bars or limit the capacity of the restaurant, make sure we get resources to help the bar owners and the restaurant owners. Don’t just close them up and essentially let them make it for themselves, instead give them the kind of support they need. Since we know that the bars that are open when you congregate in bars will be inside when the weather is cold, this is a perfect setup to spread out. Bottom line: close the bars, support the people who own the bars, and keep the schools open. RELATED: COVID Symptoms Typically Appear in this Order, Study FindsDr. Fauci asked you to mitigate the causes of the spread. It wasn’t the first time this week, Dr. . Fauci said to close the bars. « Close the bars and keep the schools open, » said Fauci, speaking to Martha Raddatz at ABC this week. « Obviously you’re not one size fits all. But as I have said in the past and as you precisely quoted me, the standard position should be to try as best you can to keep the children in school or to get them back to school. The best way to keep children safe at school is to keep the spread in the community low. So if you mitigate in very, very profound and robust ways the things that you know are causing the spread, if you reduce that, you will indirectly and ultimately protect the children in school as the community level is determined how things are going across the board. « Well, my feeling would be the same, » he continued. « If you look at the data, the prevalence among children and by children is not very widespread, not as one would have thought. So let’s try to get the kids back, but let’s try to soften the things that are being sustained and only get the kind of community diffusion we want to avoid. And these are the things you know well – the bars, the restaurants that you can sit in without a mask, these are the things that drive community expansion, not the schools. « So avoid these rooms and don’t miss these 35 places you are most likely to catch COVID in order to make it through this pandemic the healthiest.

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EbeneMagazine – USA – A history of NFL games on Wednesday as Steelers-Ravens prepare to play one on the Yahoo Sports app
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A story of NFL games on Wednesday as Steelers-Ravens prepare to play one on the Yahoo Sports app
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